SMOOR’s premium macarons are now just a click away

The Bangalore-based luxury chocolate brand is now going to feature their macarons on an exclusive online platform. Indulgence is merely a click away.

India is no stranger to macarons, a culture enabled greatly by increasing awareness amongst consumers. SMOOR, a well-known name amongst chocolate lovers has now launched an online platform to introduce several new premium macarons. 

SMOOR’s experiments with a range of innovative and exciting flavours of macarons

The luxury chocolate brand that crafts the ultimate indulgence experience with couverture chocolates, has unveiled its plans to launch an exclusive Macarons store.

The brand’s online platform – – will be the platform for launching premium and curated macarons. SMOOR’S TRUE MACARON e-store is expected to offer a range of 21 unique flavours. Making vegetarian dreams come true, the launch will also showcase several eggless macarons.

Macaron enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience innovative flavours like Matcha Pistachio & Cassis Violet. If that’s not enough, indulge in macaron desserts including Macaron chocolates, Macaron Cupcakes and Macaron Cakes in exotic flavours like Araguani Dark Chocolate Fudge. 

Also popularly known as a French macaroon, the sweet meringue-based confection has made waves in India in recent times. Traditionally filled with either ganache (chocolate), rich cream or homemade fruit jams, the contrast between the outer lightly crisp shell and creamy center make for a truly remarkable treat. 

The increasing popularity of macarons in India can be directly linked to growing distribution channels of business. Initial forays into the foreign category saw mild to moderate success. However, it was brands like SMOOR that filled in the gap in terms of dedicated industry players that focused on truly elevating these Parisian delicacies. 

Known as the home for the ultimate indulgence experiences with couverture chocolates, SMOOR was born in March 2015. Helmed by Vimal Sharma, their first flagship store opened its doors in August 2016 in Bangalore. 

Speaking at the launch, Kanchan Achpal, CMO, SMOOR, said, “We are delighted to launch our brand new category with the TRUE MACARON e-store alongside our momentous 5 year anniversary. Macarons represent an industry that is ripe for disruption by a cutting-edge brand that can use this much-loved dessert and build an entire range of unique desserts around it. This is exactly what we are doing as we capitalize on the opportunity and, yet again, emerge as category creators. We’re launching a wide range of flavours, a range of eggless Macarons, custom printed Macarons, and Macaron cakes, chocolates, and cupcakes. 

According to SMOOR’s market research reports, their expansion plans have only just begun. With its unique category expansion strategy, the luxury chocolate brand plans to capture 10% of the Indian Macaron market, estimated to be valued at INR 44 crore. The market is projected to reach INR 100 crore by 2026, by which time the brand is targeting to have 30% of the market with its unique offerings.

So what makes a macaron so desirable? Increasing disposable income, coupled with an increase in spends on the premium pastry and bakery products, for starters. As awareness continues to permeate the urban masses and trickle into the system, distribution channels have come into existence to comply with increasing demands. The past few years have seen a significant rise in the home-grown bakery industry with a strong inclination towards the macarons. 

If you’re craving a box of the French treat, or looking for a premium gift, macarons are relatively easily available in convenience stores as well through online channels. Fueling the growth, growing government regulations on Food Safety and private investments are expected to present a wide range of growth opportunities for key market players.

The way forward is definitively sweet with SMOOR’s innovative flavours. With the exclusive online platform now making the macarons a lot more accessible, indulgence is but a click away.

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