The Smoke House Deli Tea Room sets the stage for the best kind of evenings

With their newly launched Tea Room, Smoke House Deli invites you to spend an intimate moment with some great tea and accompaniments.
With a spread this enviable and appealing, the smoke house deli tea room is a haven for tea connoisseurs.
With a spread this enviable and appealing, the Smoke House Deli Tea Room is a haven for tea connoisseurs.

Who knew an evening of guided plant meditation followed by an expertly curated high tea was just what the doctor ordered? At Smoke House Deli’s newly launched Tea Room, expect to find all that and more. 

From 4-7 pm on weekdays, all Smoke House Deli outlets across Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore will double up as the Tea Room of your dreams. Featured on their menu are nine different varieties of teas, bite-size cookies, bakes, finger sandwiches and curated platters over conversations and questions. 

In pleasant contrast to Smoke House Deli’s familiar interiors are their exotic teas. Daring to draw outside the margins with painstaking detail, the décor takes an irreverent approach that comes together to create a whimsical personality and an intimate environment. The visual narratives spread across the walls are as enduringly delicious as the actual Tea Room menu.

As you soak in an evening of solitude, or delight in the company of friends and other loved ones, explore flavours like the Autumn Crescendo, Autumn Oolong and Earl Grey with a hint of bergamot orange, to name a few. There’s also the exquisite Moonshine Long leaf tea with gentle notes of sweet honeysuckle. The portion size is enough for either one aficionado or two looking to nurse their cuppas for a while. 

In furthering their commitment to serving only the highest quality ingredients, Smoke House Deli has tied up with Glenburn Tea estates in Darjeeling. The same has resulted in the special Smoke House Signature blend, made with Darjeeling tea from Glenburn and Assam leaf tea from Khongea. Here, the subtle flavour and aroma of the Darjeeling leaf pairs well with the rich and malty Assam tea.

A high tea would be blasphemous without some snacks to go with it of course. As part of the array of bakes here, you have viennoiseries such as the pain au chocolat, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and more. For more savoury finger food, there’s a delightful selection of finger sandwiches and petit snacks such as the avocado cream cheese sandwich, and curried egg salad crostini.

At the tea room, you'll find several types of finger sandwiches up for grabs, all equally delicious.
At the Tea Room, you’ll find several types of finger sandwiches up for grabs, all equally delicious.

At the time of my visit, we had just wrapped up a most unique plant meditation session led by Hazel Choksi. Paired up with the plant of my dreams, the rest of the evening naturally flowed into easy conversation, shouldered rather wholesomely by the fare in front of us. 

Smoke House Deli has been recognized by all for their consistent commitment to serving comfort food and doing it right. There’s a deep focus on ethically sourced local ingredients that are healthy, organic, and wholesome. Notably, the produce comes straight from local farms across the country, providing the best of both flavour and health, handmade from scratch.

A surprising standout on the menu, and a definite personal recommendation are the humble chocolate chip muffins. They may sit unassumingly on the board in front of you, but they’re definitely going to be the softest, least cakey, and most delicious muffins you’ll ever have. 

For that, if nothing else, the Smoke House Deli Tea Room is sure to become a crowd favourite hang as summer evenings approach. 

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