Ritz Paris Le Comptoir is now open

The gourmet patisserie and tearoom from Chef Francois Perret aims to widen The Ritz’s appeal by targeting a new demographic.

The Ritz Paris has just opened the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir, a new gourmet pastry boutique from Chef Francois Perret. Considered one of the great pastry chefs of his generation, Perret has been with the Ritz Paris since 2016 and holds honours such as the World’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef 2019. He is also the star of the Netflix show ‘The Chef in a Truck’. The Le Comptoir, which has come up in the same space as the Ritz bar, has on offer his unique creations along with all the Ritz classics.

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Francois Perret holds the title of World’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef 2019, and is also the star of the Netflix show ‘ The Chef in a Truck’. At Le Comptoir, he has innovated offerings to make them more suited to eating on the go.
Image courtesy ritzparis.com

“The opening of the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir is the first step in a dynamic new phase for the Cambon wing of the hotel. It’s also a more spontaneous, accessible alternative designed with Parisians in mind,” Marc Raffray, General Manager of the Ritz Paris told the media.

Apart from gourmet sandwiches and madeleines, customers will also be able to get their hands on the chef’s iconic pastries such as marble cake, rice pudding with raspberry, milk brioche roll, cheesecake, chocolate bar, and strawberry tart, among others. A large part of the menu here was inspired by the chef’s philosophy on ‘portable foods’. “France is the temple of the pâtisserie, and we’re in a city that was made for walking. I thought it just made a lot of sense to develop desserts you could eat while strolling through Paris,” he says.

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Drinkable dessert is a relatively new concept for France, and again shows the chef’s intent to make his offerings more portable.
Image courtesy ritzparis.com

Perret has reinvented a few classics such as the croissant, and also made dessert drinks, a concept not yet too popular in the country, to allow diners to be able to drink his signatures such as madeleines and marble cake.

The concept of the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir represents the hotel’s new approach to revitalise the brand. It aims to cater to those who would usually not be the traditional clientele the Ritz is used to, allowing the property’s reach to extend to a hitherto untapped diner segment.

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