Pink Wasabi takes on white hues for their Winter Wonderland this Christmas

Clouds of smoke surround the enticing Winter Wonderland menu as Pink Wasabi gets into Christmas mode this season! 

Infamous for their picture-perfect pink aesthetic designed for Instagram, Pink Wasabi has stepped up the game this Christmas. With Winter Wonderland, the restaurant has wholeheartedly embraced the theme of White Christmas. The result? A gorgeous backdrop to enjoy some delicious and visually stunning dishes. 

Prepare to be enchanted as Pink Wasabi brings a Winter Wonderland straight out of fairytales to life. The aesthetics of the space are on point right from the door. The restaurant exterior is covered with a shade that lets you bask in snowflakes and frost and turns into a candlelit canopy during late evening hours. From snow globes, snowflakes and frost, glittering baubles, vintage street lamps, and white bougainvillea tree branches to a dazzling snow-clad Christmas Tree, the place has got the works nailed to a T. With sheepskin blankets on the furniture and lanterns to keep you warm, the ambience is all set to transport you to a European styled Christmas spectacle. 

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Your chariot to pink wasabi's winter wonderland awaits!
Your chariot to Pink Wasabi’s Winter Wonderland awaits!

At the heart of the Winter Wonderland is the Asian joint’s special new menu, adorned with unique and specially crafted delicacies served on a bed of liquid nitrogen. The menu is divided into picture perfect warm and cold festive offerings including decadent desserts. 

“We have launched a new Winter Wonderland menu for the season which is our take on a Christmas menu with 12 hot dishes and 12 cold dishes. The first is to warm our patrons if they are feeling the winter vibe and the second is to promulgate the winter feeling. Our cold dishes will include cold chilli noodle salad, burrata salad, Vietnamese spring rolls, certain avocado sushi, crushed ice snow corn on the cob with the piece de resistance being the Snow World Ball with pistachio coulis and apple jelly. Our hot dishes will include the roasted Turkey, salmon and crab sushi, turkey dumplings, sizzlers ending with the traditional Christmas Pudding,” says owner Prasuk Jain.

The burrata salad is the cornerstone of the cold menu. Served in a bowl with enticing smoke coming off the side, it’s an instant ‘gram-worthy dish. In keeping with the restaurant’s pink spirits, the vegetarian pink sushi with cream cheese is almost too pretty to eat, but deliciousness personified.

The turkey dumplings are just one of the adorable aesthetic items on the winter wonderland menu
The Turkey Dumplings are just one of the adorable aesthetic items on the Winter Wonderland menu

The meat offerings are just as irresistible, with the spicy sushi taking the cake on this end of things. The turkey dumplings are equal parts delicious and adorable, and of course, designed for the social media savvy crowd. With generous portion sizes even on the small plates, you’ll be left gasping for breath for more than one reason. 

Even so, the mains are definitely worth exploring and full of items befitting of the Winter Wonderland theme. Choose from a variety of sizzlers, including the Prawn Sizzler with pink rice in butter garlic sauce among others. The Turkey with cranberries and other greens is the undoubted star of the show, and a perfect fit for Christmas culinary indulgence. 

A visit to the Winter Wonderland would be incomplete and futile without enjoying the theatrical Snow World Ball, of course. The pouring of creamy sauce over the white chocolate coating reveals a delicious cake along with some pistachio coulis and apple jelly, making for a delicious mouthful with every bite. 

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The highlight of pink wasabi's winter wonderland menu is undoubtedly the decadent snow world ball
The highlight of Pink Wasabi’s Winter Wonderland menu is undoubtedly the decadent and dramatic Snow World Ball

Pink Wasabi has made sure to pay equal attention to the beverage aspect of Winter Wonderland with some amazing cocktails and mocktails. You can’t miss the White Christmas Martini with vanilla vodka and white chocolate liqueur and cream de cacao. There’s also the festive looking Jolly Christmas Punch, a blend of tequila and punch with a dash of peppermint liquor. But the real magic is in Santa’s Magic Eggnog – a creamy eggnog topped with bourbon whisky, and arguably the best eggnog we’ve tasted in a long time.  

For those looking to soak in some true December winter feels in Mumbai, your snow-clad chariot to Pink Wasabi’s amazing Winter Wonderland awaits!

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