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iD Fresh Food has grown in leaps and bounds even through the dire months of the pandemic, and now, has inaugurated the world’s largest dosa and idly batter preparation and packaging facility.

As the pandemic forced people to stay indoors through most of last year, the focus on the home kitchen has considerably sharpened. But with WFH picking up simultaneously, the time most households can dedicate to preparing food isn’t much. In this scenario, the demand for ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat foods has soared. This movement has resulted in a boom for companies such as iD Fresh Food, a fresh food enterprise that makes idly and dosa batter, Malabar parotas, dairy products and filter coffee decoctions, among others.

iD Fresh Food, which started operations in 2005 in a 50 sq. ft store, grew 16 per cent in financial year ’20 and is expected to have grown by a whopping 33 per cent in financial year ’21. It was the advantage of owning its own distribution network that came in extremely handy during the lockdown. While its B2B business, where nearly 10 per cent of the company’s revenue came in from corporates and restaurants took a serious hit, the company’s B2C business, with a direct-to-home delivery model during the lockdown, made up for the losses with a 40 per cent boost to revenue.

The demand for its products has risen exponentially, iD selling 60,000kg of batter every day. Consequently, the company has now invested Rs 40 crore in a new, state-of-the-art idly and dosa batter preparation and packaging plant, spread across 80,000 sq. ft, in Anekal, Karnataka. “Since March 2020, we have witnessed a 5 per cent and 38 per cent growth in demand for our idly and dosa batter and parotas, respectively. The new facility marks a key milestone in the company’s journey – not just due to its sheer size but the fact that it is a fully-automated kitchen. At its highest functioning capacity, it will be able to produce 1 lakh kg batter and 3 lakh parotas in a day. It takes us a step closer to our vision of building a better and healthier world for our future generations. In the next phase of operations, we are working on leveraging renewable energy,” said Musthafa PC, Co-founder and CEO, iD Fresh Food.

The journey to the successful completion of the factory though has been a long one. While the company’s origins were humble, with home kitchen equipment used initially for production, with this latest facility, technical tie-ups were established with Europe and US-based companies. It was after three years of trials that the equipment and processes were finalised.   

This is iD’s fourth manufacturing facility in the country with another one in the UAE. Aside from India, the company is also present in the UAE and the US, with plans to expand to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Muscat and Qatar. It has also opened up digital platforms, taking orders online to ship its coffee decoctions across India and adding a new “store locator” feature onto its website for consumers to check for iD stockists closest to them.

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