One Tight Wrap serves up north Indian food with a twist

Sourdough paratha, sheermal sandwich and baklava are just among a few of the unique offerings on the new Northern Frontier Menu from One Tight Wrap. We’ve sampled the fare and are happy to report that you’ll find all the flavours and none of the grease.

When One Tight Wrap first launched at the end of last year, founder Rahul Bajaj wanted to present a bouquet of healthy food options from the kitchens of its iconic Out of the Blue restaurant. The options included healthy wraps made from organic, gluten-free, vegan flours such as amaranth-beetroot, amaranth-cauliflower, sourdough and soybean-carrot, among others, and were co-created with celebrity chef Ananya Banerjee.

Rahul bajaj one tight wrap
Rahul Bajaj, founder of One Tight Wrap, wanted to extend the brand’s healthy offerings to an entirely new foodscape. The Northern Frontier Menu offers up familiar north Indian flavours but has none of the usually associated oil and grease.

Now, at a little over six months old, One Tight Wrap has expanded its menu with a new Indian selection. The freshly introduced northern frontier menu presents a collection of kebabs, biryanis, tikkas, along with a number of unique offerings such as sheermal sandwiches, made of a traditional flatbread from Iran, and baklava as well.

With One Tight Wrap, Rahul Bajaj has established the brand in the healthy food market. However, while there are an increasing number of people leaning towards more healthy food, especially since the start of the pandemic, a large portion of the market is still focused on north Indian cuisine.

Says Rahul Bajaj, founder and brains behind the brand, “There are a lot of north Indian options in Mumbai, especially for those late-night binges. But most of these are oily and greasy, and terrible for you no matter what time of day you eat it. My philosophy is, I’m not going to serve you something I can’t eat myself. So, One Tight Wrap is about delivering those amazing north Indian flavours but in an entirely healthy and nutrition-focused way.”

The folks at One Tight Wrap kindly sent some of their signature dishes along so I could get a taste of their unique proposition.

On the tasting menu was Broccoli-Onion Sourdough Paratha, Chapli Kebab Sheermal, Chicken Reshmi Kebab and Baklava.

The sourdough paratha was quite remarkable in that it draws from the traditional gobi paratha a lot of us have grown up eating but has completely reimagined the concept. Everything from the filling, a mixture of broccoli and onion, to the sourdough base, makes the flavours unique but still retains the familiar comfort food feel.

The Chicken Reshmi Kebabs were juicy and refreshingly different with a thinner layer of coating than what is usually found. But what truly stood out for me was the Sheermal Sandwich. Not only was this sandwich base lighter and flakier than traditional Sheermal but it was better than a lot of buns and regular bases. The Sheermal was perfectly paired with the filling of Chapli Kebab and even though the meat had that familiar spice profile, when I was done, I didn’t feel like I had swallowed a refinery whole.

And finally, it was the turn of the baklava. Now baklavas are made in many different ways and One Tight Wrap has certainly found a superb result with their experiments. Made with pistachios and cacao nibs, they were just right, none of the flavours too overwhelming and the perfect way to end a meal that left me satiated and yet not feeling heavy and overburdened.

Indeed, if you’re looking for the familiarity of north Indian food but don’t want to end up feeling sick after just one indulgent meal, One Tight Wrap is an excellent option. And sure, the kebabs, biryanis and prawns koliwada might be the ones to get all the attention, but don’t skip out on the sheermal sandwiches, the unique wraps, healthy nachos or the dessert wraps.    

Going forward, One Tight Wrap is going to constitute a crucial part of the group’s varied offering bouquet. A new restaurant called Anglo Indian by Out of The Blue, launching in Lonavala, will also see One Tight Wrap offerings. Says Rahul, “In a market such as Lonavala, while we’ll have the entire gamut of our offerings, with fondues, sizzlers, our in-house-baked bread, the missing link was north Indian food. This is where the One Tight Wrap menu will open up that entire section for our diners.”

Mumbai folks, especially those that are often looking for that late night meal after a night of revelry, or those that are early risers and want something light to start the day with, should take note that One Tight Wrap is open until 5am. Whether it’s a mutton biryani or a Greek salad, you’ll find something to suit your palate for sure.

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