One chef, one recipe: Parle turron by Chef Prateek Bakhtiani

Chef Prateek Bakhtiani runs Ether, his chocolate atelier in Mumbai, and is our very own Willy Wonka. Here he conjures up a bespoke turron for a client’s wedding
Chef prateek bakhtiani, ether chocolate atelier
Chef prateek bakhtiani of ether with a creation

Having worked in chemical research in a previous life, Chef Prateek Bakhtiani discovered his passion for pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Several stints at Michelin-starred restaurants in France, Belgium and the United States followed. He has also trained with the prestigious EPGB in Tijuana, Mexico and studied gelato at Carpigiani in Bologna, Italy.

Chef Bakhtiani moved back to Mumbai in 2018 and set up his atelier, a space for the sensory exploration of chocolate. Special attention is paid to the origins, terroir and composition of the chocolate. Inspiration-driven chocolate collections are rolled out regularly. There’s a small viewing gallery to witness the creative process at Ether.

Chef bakhtiani at work on the parle turron
Chef Bakhtiani at work on the Parle turron

“I created this recipe for a client on the occasion of her wedding. She wanted to create a modern chocolate turron that looked modern but tasted like rich nostalgia and sweet memories of old. To achieve this, of course, I used a base of Parle and added more umami elements of roasted hazelnuts, rich sea salt and feuilletine, to supercharge the intense richness of the turron,” explains Chef Bakhtiani.

Parle turron

Parle turron, ether chocolates
The exquisite Parle turron



  • 755 gm ‘Parle’ cookie butter by Ether Atelier
  • 200 gm cocoa butter
  • 310 gm Valrhona Biskelia
  • 5 gm Maldon sea salt


  • 530 gm Parle G biscuit
  • 625 gm feuilletine
  • 140 gm roasted hazelnuts
Cross-section of the parle turron
Cross-section of the Parle turron


  • Melt together the Biskelia and cocoa butter.
  • Add the Parle spread and salt.
  • Mix well.
  • Separately mix together all the ingredients of the crunch, then incorporate this into the base (both at 30°C).
  • Set in the desired mould.
  • Once set, unmould and dip in dark chocolate.

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