Olterra paves the way for some Greek style fun at Kolkata’s Park Street

The wine and dine experience just got a whole lot more fine in the lap of Greek luxury at Ølterra, Kolkata’s latest swanky joint at Park Street. 
Party it up like the greek gods do at kolkata's latest joint, ølterra
Party it up like the Greek gods do at Kolkata’s latest joint, Ølterra

Last weekend, Park Street saw the opening of its newest luxury spot to dine-in and drink with Ølterra. Literally translating to ‘The Land of Beer’, Ølterra is designed to guarantee you a night (or day!) of revelry unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

Located right on the edge above the thoroughfare, Ølterra is nestled in the center of the chaos and yet plunges one amidst an air of peaceful familiarity, making it the perfect destination for the locals to chill out.

For Rudresh Agarwal, Managing Director, Ølterra, it’s all about a dream that’s come true after several years of tireless efforts. “The Land of Beer as a concept is so special to me because it’s been a dream come true after years. Ølterra is a place that runs on passion, adrenaline, and more importantly, creativity by every single person that’s made this possible. The team is talented, ambitious and at the top of their game, and that combined with my own experiences from the industry is what I will use every time guests walk through the door, to make them feel special. Our prime focus is to build a loyal value-based experience each time guests visit us. Creating a memorable dining experience through exquisite hospitality is what we strive for,” he says. 

Spread across an impressive 13,000sq.ft, the latest addition to Kolkata’s F&B scene is all about creating a contemporary and lively space. While classic hangout spots might be comfort food for the soul, Ølterra aims to cater to the ever-evolving urban experience of the city’s revelers looking for a change. 

Staying true to the Greek theme, the space was carefully designed and conceptualized by Sumessh Menon. The restaurant is an out and out tribute to the Greek spirit of revelry and enjoyment. There’s truly something for everyone at this space, which has both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area (spread across 9000sq.ft) houses a large screen for screenings, booths for private outings or parties, and of course — the centerpiece of the place — a 100-foot long floating bar. 

It is truly the outside, however, where the true spirit of the place reveals itself. Nestled among the many wrought iron tables, caged lighting and greenery, and overlooking one of Kolkata’s most iconic streets. There cannot be a more perfect setting for a delightful cuppa in the day, and smoothly transition to a pint in the evenings.

The inspired menu has been curated to titillate your taste buds, featuring exotic new dishes that embody modern Indian fusion. You can’t miss exciting new flavours in dishes like Edible Lava coal, Chicken Tikka Ala Kiev, Moroccan slow-cooked Lamb, and the ever so intriguing Water chestnut & edamame Galouti, among others.

From sushi to galouti, experience epicurean flavours at their best at olterra!
From sushi to galouti, experience epicurean flavours at their best at Ølterra !

If the food and ambience wasn’t enough, the spacious brew pub also houses a statue of the Greek God Zeus. Drink with the gods, party like them, and feel like one yourself. 

The wine part of the dining experience is taken care of by the in-house sommelier. The mixed bag of uniquely crafted cocktails by the in-house mixologist offer the perfect experience for those with a taste for the finer things in life. 

Who can turn away an innovatively created cocktail?
Who can turn away an innovatively created cocktail?

Some of the signature cocktails on the menu include whiskey & gin based delights such as the Optimistic, Have a New York Sour, Smoked Manhattan, and Agave Negroni. Without wasting a single inch of all that fine space, Ølterra also houses a microbrewery setup, scheduled to launch over course of time.

Siddhant Agarwal, Managing Director, ØlTerra, says, –“It’s all about the basics. We serve guests the best tasting food & refined beverage items to delight their taste buds and create an experience that Kolkata has been waiting for a while now. We feel that food + atmosphere + excellent service = value and that’s our prime focus of creating that loyal valued experience every time the guests spend their time with us!”

We couldn’t agree more! 

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