There’s too matcha artisanal tea with Danta Herbs’ latest launch

Keeping up with the ongoing matcha food trends and increasing Indian consumer demands, Danta Herbs has launched their very own matcha tea.
Danta herbs mint and moringa matcha tea
Danta Herbs’ matcha green tea – Mint and Moringa

With a new social media trend every day in this age of globalisation, matcha has remained one of the few food trends to have lasted the test of time. From gourmet savouries to delicate confectionaries, the flavour has permeated the food industry quickly and significantly. 

For tea aficionados, matcha toes the fine line between artisanal and the staple. Essentially ground whole green tea leaves, it has fast become a vital addition for all looking to satisfy their caffeine cravings without compromising on health. 

Matcha contains caffeine and L-theanine, which encompasses all nutrients from the leaves. Studies have proven that it could also improve attention, memory, and reaction time. Additionally, matcha is rich in vitamins, fiber, chlorophyll, and catechins that have anti-inflammatory benefits as well as cancer-fighting effects on the body.

Adding to the wide myriad of matcha brands is Danta Herbs. An artisanal tea brand with 50+ artisan infusions and has 100+ teas, they offer plant-based and superfood blends as well. What makes Danta tea special is its freshness, which comes from tea being procured directly from the source.

Taking the massive demand for matcha into account, Danta Herbs has added matcha tea to its vast collection. Sourced from Shizuoka in Japan, which is best known as the home for Mt. Fuji and high-quality, Danta offers matcha from one of the best producing regions in the country.

In order to enhance the health benefits of matcha for its consumers, Danta has selectively chosen superfood ingredients and has created 3 flavored artisan tea blends – Turmeric Matcha Green Tea, Tulsi Ashwagandha Matcha Green Tea, and Mint Moringa Matcha Green Tea blended along with Culinary grade Pure Japanese Matcha Green Tea.

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Founded by Vishal Parik and Tripti Parik, Danta Herbs offers fresh and high-quality tea that is picked, packed, and shipped directly from the source without any middleman. Their tea is handcrafted with 100% natural and raw ingredients. The wellness-packed plant-based teas are exclusively created with tea from top tea estates throughout the year, blended to perfection with carefully sourced ingredients. 

Danta is also headed towards revolutionizing the tea industry with a #PlucktoCup solution. The one of its kind global Indian tea brand offers global selling to the doorstep with local sourcing from India.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vishal Parik, founder of Danta Herbs said, “I believe, if tea is an elixir, matcha is queen. At present, Pure Japanese Matcha Green Tea is our supreme product. It is beneficial in many ways and so we combined its authenticity from Japan with the goodness of Indian ingredients to make a blend that the consumer enjoys.”

What differentiates matcha from most tea is the way it’s planted and grown. The Camellia sinensis plant cultivated for the production of matcha is grown in the shade and kept away from direct sunlight. This causes the tea leaves to take on a darker green color. When making matcha, only the finest tea buds are hand-picked and laid out flat to dry, becoming what is known as Tencha. The Tencha is then de-veined, de-stemmed, and slowly stone-ground into a fine, bright green powder which is matcha as we know it today.

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