Old gourmand cravings, all new menus to explore this summer

From summer delights to gourmet offerings, here are some dine-ins offering a whole new exciting menu for your indulgence.

Hopshaus, Bengaluru

Italian piadina served with light fries and fresh produce.
The new Italian Piadina on the new menu, served with light fries and fresh produce.

Hopshaus’s head chef Vikas Seth has added a dash of summer to their new menu. To celebrate the richness of seasonal produce, light and refreshing new additions are lined up. The new menu includes Piadina, an Italian classic served with a twist. Although Piadina is traditionally loaded with heavy scrumptious fillings, Hosphaus serves it with light French fries as the filling, thereby making it extremely palatable.

A note-worthy dessert introduced with this menu is the Dark Chocolate and Orange Torte. This plate of dark chocolate combined with the tanginess of fresh orange and vanilla ice cream is a true summer delight. Experience this limited menu at Hosphaus at their outlets in Indiranagar and Whitefield before May 30, 2022.

Mary Lou’s, Delhi

Creamy burrata drizzled with yuzu vinaigrette from mary lou’s. Image credits: @marylous. In
Creamy Burrata drizzled with Yuzu vinaigrette from Mary Lou’s. Image credits: @marylous.in

Mary Lou’s is a new addition to the restaurant scene blooming in Saket, New Delhi. The contemporary menu is perfectly in line with the all-day diner ethos. Some of the appetisers being loved are the Halloumi Fries (panko crusted with honey sriracha), and Zucchini Fritti (crispy courgette with herbed yoghurt). For the health freaks, there’s Mary Lou’s Power Bowl salad packed with Avocado, Mesclun Mix, Quinoa, and Pumpkin seeds with a citrus dressing. Rounding off their flavour packed menu, they also offer a wide range of pastas, risottos and curry meals. Much like their food menu, the desserts are inspired by Asian, European, and American cuisines.

JW Marriott- Infinity by Angaar, Kolkata

Plate of scrumptious food served at the pool-side at infinity by angaar.
Plate of scrumptious food served at the pool-side at Infinity by Angaar.

JW Marriott is back with something exciting with the launch of ‘Infinity by Angaar,’ a seasonal outlet to revel in the summers. This new outlet serves a wide range of farm sourced salads, sandwiches, wraps, and burgers; while allowing the guests to take a dip in their refreshing pool. Summer Salad, Paneer Tikka Burrito, Chicken Tikka Burrito, and Caesar Reimagined are some promising options from their afternoon menu.

They also serve an exotic mix of cocktails and mocktails such as Paradiso Sour and Petal Talk respectively. The earthy flavours of Kakori Kebab, Chicken gyro with hummus and toum, piquant Peso Garlic Shrimp pizza and Turkish Kunefe- a Levant classic dish are part of their Mediterranean inspired evening menu.

Rosie & Tillie, Delhi

Contemporary mains and cocktails at rosie & tillie, new delhi. Source: @rosie&tillie ig.
Contemporary mains and cocktails at Rosie & Tillie, New Delhi. Source: @rosie&tillie IG.

Rosie & Tillie, located at DLF Avenue, is a café during the day (Rosie) and a bar at night (Tillie). This new diner offers a range of brunch options for a quiet bistro experience during the day. However, their carefully crafted cocktail menu turns the café into a perfect destination for experiencing a modern mix of drinks. Hum-shuka (eggs), chicken & waddles (waffles), and Rosie’s breakfast croffle (a mix of croissant and waffle) are some of their breakfast options. Pea and Basil Cappelletti (pasta), Rainbow Soba Poke Bowl (noodles and tofu bowl), Thai spiced chicken schnitzel, and Basa & Rasam are some of the highlights of their extensive lunch menu. Baba Au Rhum, a milk chocolate-based hazelnut streusel that is soaked in rum and passionfruit, is one of their praised desserts.

 Café Duco, Mumbai

Smoothies cafe duco resized
Fresh and refreshing smoothies for this summer with all the fruity goodness at Café Duco.

Café Duco has introduced a range of new dishes by incorporating the most flavourful and seasonal local produce. The revitalising smoothies on their menu are The Warrior, which includes avocados, bananas, honey, almond milk, and granola, and Mr. Monkey, which contains cocoa, banana dates, almond milk, and flax. Pink Me Up smoothie is another refreshing drink that contains the fruity goodness of bananas and mixed berries served with almond milk, yogurt, and coconut chips.Asparacado with the freshness of avocado and Lima Bowl are some of the new salad bowls on the menu. The new dessert- Churros with chocolate sauce, is a great way to beat the summer blues.

Pickwick in the Claridges, Delhi

Japanese food festival at café duco celebrates japanese cuisine every wednesday.
Japanese food festival at Café Duco celebrates Japanese cuisine every Wednesday.

Pickwick has curated Japanese cuisine with culinary opulence for Delhi to savour. Their new lunch menu, ‘Sushi Suiyobi,’ (translates to ‘Sushi Wednesday’) will celebrate Japanese flavours every Wednesday.Chef Borja’s special menu takes gourmet food to another level with sprinkles of traditional 24-carat gold leaf gilding, smothering of Truffle Aioili, and bites of Avocado on Tuna Pizza. Their extensive menu includes Robatayaki (barbequed meat), Pork Belly Salads, Truffle Edamame (dumplings), Udon Noodles, and Chicken Karaage (Japanese fried rice) among others. Alongside these flavour-packed dishes, Sake (Japanese alcohol) is unlimited. Chef Borja has also incorporated a range of desserts such as Yuzu Lemon, Passion Fruit Crème Brulèe, and Wasabi ice cream.

Magnolia Bakery, Bengaluru

Vanilla cheesecake topped with seasonal mangoes at magnolia bakery.
Vanilla Cheesecake topped with seasonal mangoes at Magnolia Bakery.

Indiranagar’s Magnolia Bakery has introduced a delicious and stunning range of fruity desserts and ice-creams. The Mango Pudding Parfait, loaded with the goodness of juicy and creamy mangoes is a new addition to their menu. Their creamy Vanilla Cheesecake that sits on a bed of buttery graham crackers and topped with seasonal mangoes and the Mango Jamboree are some other promising dessert options.

Their freshly made ice creams and desserts are available all day long for both dine-in and takeaway.

Yazu, Mumbai

Rock shrimp tempura with a modern twist.
Rock shrimp tempura with a modern twist.

Having always been devoted to building immersive experiences, Yazu is now all set to add to the gastronomical extravaganza. With an international chef on board, they just levelled up their game. Chef Vadim has been a part of the hospitality industry for 22 years and started his culinary journey in Russia. He started his own Japanese cuisine and brings his sushi A-game to Yazu. 

A few must-haves on the new menu are the Poke bowls, which come in four delicious options — Avocado Poke bowl, Ahi Tuna Poke bowl, Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl, and Kani Kamaboko Poke Bowl. The Hibachi fried rice, Spicy Chicken Teriyaki,  and the Rock Shrimp Tempura are a few more amazing dishes on the new menu that will definitely satiate your Japanese cravings.

Shiro, Bengaluru

Classics with a twist - assorted sushi, sashimi, and makimono.
Classics with a twist – assorted sushi, sashimi, and makimono.

Shiro Bengaluru recently launched its new menu at their UB City outlet, which allows the customers to explore Southeast Asian cuisine wholly. The menu features a host of new delicacies combined with a few classics and favourites across all categories. Additionally, there’s also an all-new Hip Dining section.

Crafted by Chef Priyank Chouhan, major highlights on the new menu include a tender Peking Duck, The Bang Bang summer rolls, and chilli Hoisin Mock Duck — a must-have for vegetarians. The Sushi, Sashimi, and Makimono, Sushi rolls are a few classics with the chef’s very own unique twist.

Balsa, Mumbai

Lucious and refreshing mango sticky rice makes for a perfect addition to their seasonal new menu.
Lucious and refreshing mango sticky rice makes for a perfect addition to their seasonal new menu.

With Balsa’s brand new Mmmango menu, get ready to fall in love with mangoes even more. This special seasonal menu has been created by Chef Karishma Sakhrani and showcases her favourite methods of preparation. The menu includes dishes such as the Spicy Thai Mango Avocado Salad, a perfect blend of herby and fruity flavours. Their Pulled Jackfruit/Chicken Tacos are served with amazing Mango Salsa, and there’s also several other refreshing options including the Poke Bowls, Asian Bhel, Sticky Mango Rice, Fried Chillies with Mango Habanero Sauce, etc.

Café 49, Mumbai

How delicious does this summer inspired scrumptious mango and fresh creme mini cake look?
How delicious does this summer inspired scrumptious mango and fresh creme mini cake look?

You really can’t have enough mango on this list! Café 49’s summer season menu features an assortment of heavenly dishes with various flavours and a fusion of dishes that you’ll be spoilt for choice. From indulgent smoothie bowls to unique Mango Chilli mocktails, there are plenty of decadent dishes for you to choose from.

Highlights from the new menu include the Mango & Fresh Cream Cake, Layered Mango Cream Cheese & Chocolate Fudge, Fresh Mango Tart to Mango & Fresh Cream with Rose Garnish. Mango Chipotle Bonbons, Mango Chocolate parfait, Mango Coconut Mousse, Raw Mango Cilantro Hummus, and also the Pink Mango Mocktail.

O Pedro, Mumbai

Delish and savoury new summer menu of o pedro.
Delish and savoury new summer menu of O Pedro.

O Pedro’s new summer menu combines the best of refreshing flavours and the beautiful experience of Goan summers. Some of the delicious additions to the menu are Smoked Eggplant Hummus, Breadfruit DAN-GAR, Pedro’s Cheese Toast, Pumpkin SAN-SAV, Summer Rice Bowl, Castro’s Fish Mousse, Mussel Shek Shek, Crispy Pork Chicharrons, Lamb SHA-CUTTI, and the Goat Cheese Cake.

The drinks are in a league of their own, with vibrant flavours including the Vasco Sour, Kokum Stings, and Not A Bloody Mary amongst others. And for all the teetotallers out there, worry not, for there’s the ‘Free-Spirited Cocktails’ namely the Honey-Sesame Iced Americano, Tropical Sunrise, Pedro’s Pear Punch, and Watermelon Fizz. Enjoy a dash of Goa right here in Mumbai at O Pedro.

Maverick and Framer, Bengaluru

A perfectly delicious clarified cappuccino is one of the highlights on their new menu.
A perfectly delicious clarified cappuccino is one of the highlights on their new menu.

For all the coffee aficionados looking to liven it up this summer, Maverick and Farmer are here with their amazing seasonal menu. The homegrown coffee brand is one of India’s few bean-to-cup companies. Discover novel flavour profiles in coffee brought to the café with brews and blends like the – Cinnamon Almond Coffee, Espresso Citron, Vietnamese iced Coffee, the Coffee Cherry Soda, the unique Clarified Cappuccino, and the Old Smokey Pour over to name a few. 

The world’s first-ever Clarified Cappuccino is a must-have –  an 8 oz cappuccino made with the perfect milk-espresso ratio is ‘clarified’ using a unique technique borrowed from a different stream of food science. The result – is a near-clear ‘cappuccino’ infused with some fruity flavours and rosemary. Along with exceptional coffee, the cafe serves a variety of international cuisine food items. From pastrami and pulled pork sandwiches to apple pie, it’s one-stop to unwind with mesmerising coffee and terrific food.

The Tangra Project x Salt House, Kolkata

Delectable haleem with a fusion twist, on an inspired new menu.
Delectable haleem with a fusion twist, on an inspired new menu.

This exclusive chef pop-up featured an array of fusion dishes by Chef Vikramjit Roy. The chef celebrated PoilaBaisakh through inventive food with a new vision that offered a unique dining experience. The use of Japanese techniques that bring back the local flavour will simply leave you in awe.

Some signature dishes masterfully curated for this exclusive pop up included the Parwal Guacamole Chips and Chaat, Burrata Ghughni, Chingri Paturi, TTP Chilli Bell Pepper Paneer, Shrimp Chili Ball, Roasted Sweet Potato & Saag Pantheras, Lamb Chops Rezala, Railway Turnip Cake Curry, Roasted Artichoke Manchurian, Kulchette, Chaplin Haleem, Pickled Shallots. Talk about immediate mouthwatering.

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