Here’s 10 of the best restaurants in India to satisfy your Korean cravings

If the lockdown had you bingeing on K-dramas, or you’re simply on the internet a lot, or you just love food, here’s 10 of the best Korean restaurants to check out while in India.

Gung – The Palace, Delhi

A visit to delhi is incomplete without a visit to gung. The korean food served here has just gotten more delicious with time.
A visit to Delhi is incomplete without a visit to Gung. The Korean food served here has just gotten more delicious with time.

Spanning three floors, Gung is truly palatial and also one of the oldest Korean restaurants in India. Run by a Korean mother-son duo the place is renowned for serving up nothing but authentic dishes. While their Korean barbecue is the ultimate stuff for legends, they do a Kimchi stew and rice-cake soup to die for. For the adventurous looking to branch out, the Bulgogi & Octopus Casserole is definitely worth a shot. 

The restaurant also has a karaoke corner inside for guests to let loose as well! Between that and the extensive menu of traditional dishes, the restaurant is a must visit for everyone looking to eat great Korean food in India. 

Hahn’s Kitchen, Delhi

The meals at Hahn’s are all about representing the five basic elements of Yin-Yang principle in a Korean manner. So there’s definitely some authentic Japanese to be found here, but Korean makes up the larger part of their fairly extensive menu. 

Like with Gung before, experimental eaters can devour their Naksam Dubbap (spicy rice bowl with octopus and pork) and Dogani Tang (slow-simmered ox knuckle soup). What makes Hahn’s Kitchen even more special is that it’s one of the few Korean breakfast spots in the city. Totally worth a visit. 

Busan Korean Restaurant, Delhi

The beautiful views and authentic korean spread makes busan a must-visit in delhi. Image: snigdha saikia.
The beautiful views and authentic Korean spread makes Busan a must-visit in Delhi. Image: Snigdha Saikia.

Busan is a district in Korea that’s almost synonymous with fresh seafood and sashimi. Located at the Majnu Ka Tila, this beautiful bay window and bamboo aesthetic of Busan Korean Restaurant is the place for tapas styled meals. 

Be it Omurice or a Yukgaejang dinner instead (rice drowned in spicy buff and vegetable soup), or a simple meal of pancakes like Ganja Jeon (potato) and Kimchi Jeon (kimchi), this restaurant nails the brief with them all. Offering generous portions, there’s a lot to be savoured as part of the extensive menu as you overlook the banks of Yamuna. From Bulgogi Gukbap (marinated beef with steamed rice), Jjamppong Sujebi (a mix of seafood with hand torn noodles) to much more, there’s a lot going on here and we’re living for it! 

Restaurant De Seoul, New Delhi

Good pork dishes, generous quantities, and a wonderful light ambience are arguably the hallmarks of good Korean cuisine. Restaurant De Seoul has been nailing all of these and more for some time now. The pork-based dishes definitely leave you wanting for more. Specialties on the restaurant’s menu are bibimbap, pork sausages, and kimchi jeongol. 

Kori’s, Delhi

The cheese don katsu at kori's is a delicious japanese offering, and on par with their eclectic korean fare.
The Cheese Don Katsu at Kori’s is a delicious Japanese offering, and on par with their eclectic Korean fare.

Unlike other restaurants on this list, Kori’s does not promise authentic Korean fare. It’s more about building on the cuisine, and taking to uncharted territories. Highlights of the menu definitely include but aren’t limited to their delicious Kimbabs (Korean rice rolled in seaweed, served with kimchi and soy), especially the Bulgogi and Daksalbi options. They also serve up some Japanese options, if you’re looking to experiment with pan-Asian cuisines a little. 

Origami, Mumbai 

Origami is one of the popular japanese korean fine-dine establishments that serves up the finest of both cuisines.
Origami is one of the popular Japanese Korean fine-dine establishments that serves up the finest of both cuisines.

A tatami style restaurant refers to the traditional Japanese way of eating on mats as opposed to modern seating. Origami is a premium fine-dine restaurant in BKC that’s looking to serve up the best of Korean and Japanese cuisine. 

Having made its presence felt across Mumbai, the restaurant is known for serving up some of the best Korean barbecue in town. The Bibimbap in sizzling stone bowls, Fiery Jjamppong and Umami Jangyun are just the tip of a delicious iceberg. The minimalist and calming interiors juxtaposed with some generous portions of great food and soju to wash it all down makes this a must-have experience.

Sun and Moon, Mumbai

This restaurant is a definite must-try for Korean food lovers in Mumbai. The quaint eatery is run by a Korean woman and her husband, making for some truly authentic dishes. Highlights on the menu include their Samgyupsal, Tteokbokki, Cup Noodles, Kimchi Soup, Bulgogi, and even the Spicy Fish. The Kimbap-seaweed rice roll comes with a delicious filling of fish and vegetables, perfect for sharing. While the prices are on the steeper side and the place does tend to get cramped, the wall of love is testament enough to their ongoing popularity. 

Heng Bok, Mumbai

One of the first Korean places to blow up in Bombay, Heng Bok offers an extensive line up of meat based dishes. And that’s including the grill-it-yourself barbeque. The room is made traditionally, with an eight seating room and a table in the centre holding the grill. 

You can start off your meal with banchan, or bite-sized appetisers. After that, you can experience their famous barbecue, smeared in ssamjang and wrapped in lettuce. There’s plenty of soju to go around here too, perfectly complementing the food. Other signature dishes include the Dolsot Bibimbap, a version of Korean fried rice cooked on the table and served in a stone bowl. Dessert lovers can also satisfy their cravings with Patbingsu, the popular Korean shaved ice dessert.

Ginkgo, Mumbai

With the team behind the legendary Pritam Group of Hotels & Restaurants at the helm of this cloud kitchen, you know your next meal is in safe hands. Ginkgo’s menu is full of dishes spanning across the pan-Asian cuisine. However, the Korean bulgogi here is the definite standout. You also can’t go wrong with the zesty and flavourful Korean Spicy Garlic Chicken. Presentation is key to both cloud kitchens and Korean dishes, and the food arrives neatly packed and labelled. Keep an eye out for the food truck! 

Hae Kum Gang, Bangalore

Korean food is exploding rapidly across India, and this restaurant is bringing nothing but the best to Bangalore. They also have an impressive array of Japanese food, for those constantly torn between the two. You can’t miss the Bibimbap with chilli sauce, a pork based dish called Samgyeopsal, and mouth-watering tofu based and kimchi based dishes for the vegetarians to boot! More importantly, the dishes are priced quite reasonably, and in true traditional fashion, the quantity served is also abundant.

K, Pune

A lot of bingeing on K-dramas will make you crave everything from Bibimbap to Jjamppong instantly. For those in Pune looking to indulge in the spicy noodle soup, you’re in luck. Head to K, one of the few places in the city that serves authentic and delicious Korean food.  Besides soup, they also have stellar seaweed rolls, tteok galbi steak, naeng myun (noodles with cucumber, pear, radish and chilli sauce), spicy ramen and dumplings.

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