Nishant Kashikar shares Tourism Australia’s 2022 blueprint for the Indian market

From private islands to wellness retreats, there is a plethora of luxurious experiences that Australia offers.

Be it business or leisure, Australia remains the chart-topping destination for the upmarket Indian traveller. The country has it all: Natural landscapes, manmade wonders, beaches, deserts, and open spaces for adrenaline-pumping adventures. From private islands to wellness retreats, there is a plethora of luxurious experiences that Australia offers.

In an interaction with TravelDine on Australia Day, Nishant Kashikar, Country Manager (India & Gulf), Tourism Australia, sheds light on consumer preferences, travel curator initiatives, experiences, and activities that Year 2022 will focus on.

Nishant Kashikar, Country Manager (India & Gulf), Tourism Australia

“Consumers in India are likely to invest more time and money prioritizing physical and mental health. Wellness is likely to become big priority for Indians even during vacations,” says Kashikar.

As of now, the tourism board has signed up with over 3,900 Aussie Specialists for curating bespoke experiences for high-spending Indian tourists. It will also focus on the roll-out of various distribution initiatives such as the Premier Aussie Specialist, Trade Resources Hub, Australia On-demand 365, and trade events, including Business Events Showcase, Australian Tourism Exchange 2022, Australia Marketplace India, Corroboree, Dreamtime, among others.

“One of the most enticing and exciting experiences when travelling in Australia is the connection with abundant native wildlife, in the wild, a real luxury to a lot of travelers who value a getaway from the urban concrete jungles. Australia has extraordinary Aboriginal Australia experiences, showcasing the world’s oldest living culture through the cornerstones of cultural insight, authenticity, and meaningful connection. These experiences are guided by Aboriginal people who share personal stories about their own country to bring the landscape and their culture to life,” says Kashikar.

Tourism Australia will focus on off-the-grid and meaningful experiential-led holidays that Indian travelers can take advantage of.

Self-drive holidays

This year, the country will also focus on road trips.

“We are confident that Australian self-drive holidays will be a big draw for travelers who can explore a wide range of experiences within the country at their own pace. To achieve this, we will look at promoting some of Australia’s iconic driving routes,” he says.

Together with Australia’s core strength of unique wildlife and nature experiences, the tourism board will focus on off-the-grid, experiential holidays that Indian travelers can take advantage of.

“Australia is quite expansive and a whole treasure trove awaits in its regional areas beyond the cities where private experiences ensure natural social distancing too,” says Kashikar.

Cricket tourism

The ICC T20 Men’s World Cup will be hosted in Australia in October and November, which will be a wonderful opportunity for cricket enthusiasts to combine the experience of watching their favorite sport in world-class stadiums and matching it with a world-class holiday.

“Pre-Covid, India has been the fastest growing market for Tourism Australia and our objective is to return to that growth trajectory once travel resumes. Research findings indicate that Australia holds a dominant position for its tourism offerings as well as for consideration and intention to visit amongst High Value Travellers (HVTs) in India. As Australia and India continue to strengthen their bilateral ties, we remain confident that India will be in the league of one million visitor arrivals and among the top five inbound tourism markets for Australia, over the next decade,” he says.

To set a strong foundation towards achieving this goal, Tourism Australia will continue to maintain highest awareness, intention, and desirability for Australia through the roll-out of various media and public relation programs, aimed at the discerning high value traveller. The tourism board will continue to leverage the power of advocacy by engaging with various advocates, Friends of Australia, and social media influencers.

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