Nancy Silverton’s Osteria Mozza comes to Hilton Singapore Orchard

With the addition of the internationally celebrated Osteria Mozza, the hotel’s compelling roster of five culinary concepts is now complete.
The private dining room at osteria mozza singapore seats about 10 people, and is just one of several sections including an alfresco dining area at the restaurant. Image: daniel koh.
The private dining room at Osteria Mozza Singapore seats about 10 people, and is just one of several sections including an alfresco dining area at the restaurant. Image: Daniel Koh.

Thanks to one of the most prolific American chefs Nancy Silverton, Singapore now gets to indulge in the ingredient forward, Cal-Italian cuisine of Osteria Mozza.

The new 120-seat restaurant at the Hilton Singapore Orchard is hyper focused on showcasing simple cooking techniques that champion seasonal produce. The menu features classics from the original one-Michelin-starred outpost in Los Angeles, as well as a number of new dishes crafted exclusively for Singapore.

There’s a lot that sets Osteria Mozza apart, one of the more definitive factors being that it’s one of the very few Italian restaurants in Southern California with a Michelin Star. Conceptualised by award-winning global hospitality design firm EDG Design, the restaurant extends the design narrative of Hilton Singapore Orchard as a modern colonial-style residence. 

Osteria Mozza’s rich, textural design layers gabion stone walls and flooring, end cut wood, natural brick screening, and exposed nuts, bolts and fixings are all things interior design dreams are made of. Leather features prominently here, and the space encircled by glass, with both indoor and outdoor plants lends it a mossy, natural, slightly overgrown feel.

Right from the mozzarella bar at the heart of the restaurant to their housemade fresh pastas, two wood-burning ovens, meats, fish and fresh vegetables; there’s a lot going for Osteria Mozza. Add to that a gelato-centric dessert menu, stellar beverage programme and attentive warm service, and you have a winner on your hands.

Celebrated american chef nancy silverton of osteria mozza is known for her resplendent cooking sense, and also for authoring some of the more interesting cookbooks of her time.
Celebrated American Chef Nancy Silverton of Osteria Mozza is known for her resplendent cooking sense, and also for authoring some of the more interesting cookbooks of her time.

Silverton’s expertise means that she believes in cooking with only the best ingredients, and finding the best ways to use them across a menu in multiple styles. With decades of experience as a baker who popularised sourdough and sparked the artisan bread movement across the U.S since the nineties, nearly all of Osteria Mozza’s dishes are served atop, complemented by, or made more complete by bread.

A meal at Osteria Mozza must be kickstarted at the mozzarella bar. They feature a selection of five different mozzarellas, burratas and fresh cheeses, and an impressive array of imported Italian cured meats (speck, coppa, salami sardo, mortadella and prosciutto di Parma). 

The mozzarella bar lies at the heart of osteria mozza, and is the perfect place to kick-start your evening from.
The mozzarella bar lies at the heart of Osteria Mozza, and is the perfect place to kick-start your evening from.

You can also indulge in the quality fruits of their hard work. A fitting example being the Bianca Modenese – a 36-month ‘White Cow’ Parmigiano Reggiano, aged triple the time required for normal Parmigiano Reggiano.

“Singapore’s already insatiable appetite for top-notch dining has grown in recent years. I am excited to create a new Osteria Mozza experience in partnership with Hilton Singapore Orchard and OUE, one that highlights our classics yet is designed especially for Singapore,” says Nancy Silverton, Co-Owner of Osteria Mozza.

Taking their antipasti seriously, selections include the signature Affettati Misti. What is different about the dish for the Singapore outpost is the inclusion of butcher’s pate and trotter fritti, as a nod to the popularity of trotter meat locally. 

In a testament to their dedication, almost all of the 10 pastas on the menu at Osteria Mozza are handmade in-house daily. A unique new pasta on the menu and one created specially for Singapore is the Cencioni with Dungeness crab and saffron, inspired by Silverton experiencing the wide array of seafood in Singapore. Of course, every part of the crab is utilised in a variety of manners. 

One signature dish to look forward to on the menu is the whole branzino alla piastra with herb salad, charred lemon.
One signature dish to look forward to on the menu is the Whole Branzino alla Piastra with Herb Salad, Charred Lemon.

Pizza arguably is the pulse of Osteria Mozza, and the epitome of Chef Silverton’s master bread baking expertise. After extensive testing and enhancement, a selection of nine pizzas were curated to be cooked in the restaurant’s custom Wood Stone wood-burning pizza oven. Served exclusively at lunch, these pizzas are made with California almond wood for its fruit wood flavour, high heat, low smoke and balanced sweetness. Naturally, Osteria Mozza’s pizzas boast a fine crisp base and ultra-high airy and puffy cornicione, with a deep sourdough flavour.

Osteria Mozza’s desserts are in a league of their own, and sport a distinctly Italian-meets-American flair. While most of the menu is centred around the joy and art of gelato, Silverton classics like Butterscotch Budino and Rosemary Olive Oil Cakes are not to be missed.

The butterscotch budino at osteria mozza comes with caramel sauce, crème fraiche & maldon sea salt.
The Butterscotch Budino at Osteria Mozza comes with Caramel Sauce, Crème Fraiche & Maldon Sea Salt.

The beverage list includes an impressive selection of Italian wines, including organic and sustainable wines, as well as classic Italian cocktails like negroni, aperol spritz, espresso martinis. Curated by Osteria Mozza partner Joe Bastianich and General Manager Manu Gandotra, the wine list is an exploratory journey of the great Italian wine producing regions, including Piemonte, Tuscany and Veneto. 

A restaurant is only ever as strong as those at the helm, and Osteria Mozza only has the best of the best. Right from Executive Chef Peter Birks (Pizzeria Mozza, Nostra Cucina and most recently Burnt Ends), Pastry Chef Manaal Syed (CUT by Wolfgang Puck), all the way to the General Manager Manu Gandotra (Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra).

General manager of Hilton Singapore Orchard, Cedric Nubul says, “Nancy Silverton’s unparalleled creativity and passion make Osteria Mozza the perfect addition to our array of distinctive culinary concepts. This opening cements Hilton Singapore Orchard’s position as a world-class dining destination, while creating memories that last a lifetime.”

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