Men pay tribute to their women co-founders

On International Women’s Day, business owners express their gratitude to women co-founders.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the rise of women leaders and how they work in tandem with their male counterparts to take the business forward. In some cases, the co-founder is a spouse. In others, the co-founder is a friend or a colleague who has teamed up to start a business.

On International Women’s Day, TravelDine interacts with business owners who are thankful for having enterprising women co-founders in their lives.

Wingreens World

Arjun srivastava with his co-founder anju srivastava
Arjun Srivastava with his co-founder Anju Srivastava

Arjun Srivastava, Co-founder of Wingreens World, describes his wife and co-founder Anju Srivastava as passionate, unfettered, and driven.

“Anju is always striving to find meaning and purpose in life. That is what consumes her, and she is absolutely relentless in her spiritual pursuit of finding the answer to the fundamental questions of life and God. Wingreens is a product of Anju’s work and passion to create a business model that is socially inclusive and relevant to today’s times. The WIN in Wingreens comes from the Women’s Initiative Network —the work she was doing to train and empower underprivileged women who had never worked before. So the brand and the company is entirely her creation. I am just fortunate to be her partner and soulmate on this journey and every day is a blessing and a discovery,” he says.

Nijhawan Group

Ankush nijhawan with priyanka nijhawan
Ankush Nijhawan with Priyanka Nijhawan

Priyanka Nijhawan joined the representation wing of Nijhawan Group about a decade ago. Ankush Nijhawan, her husband, encouraged her to pursue the business and offered all the support she needed. Today, Priyanka is one of the most powerful women in Indian travel trade.

“I have tremendous respect for Priyanka both personally and professionally. I have learned a lot from her. At times, I am impulsive when it comes to taking decisions. Priyanka has taught me to sit back and take a deep breath before jumping to conclusions. Today, I thank her for being my pillar of strength and for bringing sanity to my life,” says Ankush Nijhawan.


Poonam chordia with nitin chordia
Poonam Chordia with Nitin Chordia

Nitin Chordia describes his wife and co-founder Poonam Chordia as a bundle of energy.

“Poonam is a go-getter and the most organised person I have ever come across. She is the pillar of our brand and a street-smart operations person and has the best capabilities when it comes to resource management under critical and stressful situations. She takes away most of that load from me and leaves me to focus on areas I am better at! She understands flavours very well and we are critical of each other which makes us quite formidable as a team,” says Chordia.

He adds that Poonam brings the much-needed balance to Cocoatrait.
“While I work on our sustainability commitments and improvements, she focusses on producing chocolates which our consumers love. We have a brand what is good for the planet and for the consumers palate,” says Chordia.

The Baker’s Dozen

Aditi handa with sneh jain
Aditi Handa with Sneh Jain

Sneh Jain, Co-founder and Managing Director of The Baker’s Dozen, describes his co-founder Aditi Handa as a perfectionist who is always learning.

“I like Aditi’s straightforward approach and brutal honesty. Aditi calls a spade a spade and does not worry about the repercussions. Not having had a conventional corporate background, she does not conform to normal roundabout ways of calling out a problem, like most managers do. This helps us become better as a company and keeps us accountable. When we started out as a couple founding a business, we did not really question whether we were a good fit from a business point of view. But, almost 10 years in, I can proudly say that we wouldn’t have reached where we are today without her. The woman behind the product, the face of the brand and much more – She is truly the essence of our brand,” says Jain.

Panache World

Loveleen multani arun with sanjar imam
Loveleen Multani Arun with Sanjar Imam

Sanjar Imam, Director, Panache World describes his co-founder Loveleen Multani Arun as ambitious, creative, and enterprising.

“What I like about Loveleen is that her quest for learning and knowing has been the most consistent. Panache means confidence in manner, poise, and style. These attributes come with learning and knowledge, which is what we at Panache World have always strived for and continue to do so. In our line of work, it’s about connecting with people and relationships with them, be it trade partners or clients. Our brand name and its attributes are thus our core values and Loveleen is a natural extension of these,” he says.

Expressing his gratitude to Loveleen, he says, “Thank you for believing time and time again.’ Having started Panache World soon after 9/11 our initiation in business started with a global challenge. It has been two decades since and we have faced several challenges and crisis in our journey. Likewise, there have been many highs and successes too. When the going is good, it’s all very well but standing by supportively when the going is tough is the true test of tenacity and I am thankful to my business partner who has been there from 9/11 to the pandemic, each time when it has mattered most,” says Imam.

Explorer Travel India

Anshuman appanna with payal satish
Anshuman Appanna with Payal Satish

Anshuman Appanna, Director, Explorer Travel India, describes his co-founder Payal Satish as one with a never-say-die attitude.

He says, “Payal is the most hard working and honest person I have ever met. She never takes ‘No’ for an answer. Once she makes a commitment, she makes sure she delivers. Payal has always believed that we should go after our goals and should never let anything stand in our way. Thank you Payal for celebrating our achievements no matter how little or big they may be.”

Gratitude is good. Thank your co-founder today!

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