McDonald’s ‘BTS meal’ launches in India

McDonald’s and K-pop group BTS have collaborated to present a new ‘BTS meal’. In India, you can get your hands on the latest offering from June 1 in the northern and eastern regions while in the west and south, it’ll be available from June 4.

One of the world’s largest F&B entities and one of the world’s most popular bands have come together to present a unique new meal to fans across the world. Fast food giant McDonald’s announcement of its collaboration with K-Pop sensation BTS took social media platforms by storm last month.

In India, June 1 is when the ‘BTS meal’ is available in Delhi while Mumbai will have the meal available at all outlets on June 4. The meal comprises 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries and a medium coke along with some inspiration coming from the McDonald’s South Korea menu in the form of Sweet Chilli and Cajun dips.

Alongside the meal, merchandise celebrating the McDonald’s and BTS collaboration is also being launched on the WeVerse shop app, a South Korean mobile app that sells official merchandise from artists and bands to fans.

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