It’s pouring beer over a hot summer in Mumbai

Mumbai’s favourite stop for beer, Gateway Brewing Co brings delighted and dehydrated visitors two delicious new flavours!
Two great new flavours, and a lot of beer to be had at gateway brewing co!
Two great new flavours, and a lot of beer to be had at Gateway Brewing Co!

Crisp. Refreshing. Thirst-quenching. That’s pretty much all a beer needs to be.

There’s never been a summer this bad, which is great because there’s probably never been a beer this good! And while the past year hasn’t exactly made things easy on the brewing industry, it’s also ushered in an unprecedented era of widely available, diverse styles that suit all tastes. There’s been all kinds of new launches and experiments with flavours, brewing processes, etc, and we’re here for it! 

The folks over at Gateway Brewing Co seem to agree, and have even launched two exclusive brews! The flavours and ingredients used are a perfect antidote to the heat, and have been introduced at just the right time this month.

Crack open a cold one with the boys, and 2 refreshing new flavours of beer.
Crack open a cold one with the boys and 2 refreshing new flavours of beer.

The first being one of its kind, the Toffee & Caramel beer is here to refresh you this season. Modelled after the Irish Red Ale, this red-hued lager version is a lighter refresher. The second beer on offer is just as unique, created by Swati, the brand’s Brewster. Traditionally, gose is a warm fermented beer with its roots in Goslar, Germany. It is usually brewed with at least 50% of the grain bill being malted wheat. Dominant flavours in gose include a lemon sourness, a herbal characteristic, and a strong saltiness (the result of either local water sources or added salt).

While all goses can be sour, the reverse isn’t always true. In this case though, it’s a fine line. Swati was inspired by the grapes at her farm in Nashik and infused them in this German-style sour beer called Wine Gose Beer. This gives you a break to sip on this effervescent Rosé wine-like sour refresher made with local grapes.

This german-style sour beer called wine gose beer is probably the most unique thing you'll have tasted this year.
This German-style sour beer called Wine Gose Beer is probably the most unique thing you’ll have tasted this year.

It’s sour, it’s refreshing, and it’s our 4th Gose release over the last few years. The previous ones were just as exciting, starting with Otto Pilot at first. That one being a traditional Gose, next came Sun of a Witch, a Gose made with gin botanicals & cucumber. Following that and holding its own was the delicious red-colored hibiscus Gose during the lockdown. 

Finally, as the world continues to get back on its feet, there’s nothing like the red tinged effervescent beer to help things along! In addition to these, any of your favourite flavours from the Gateway Brewing Company flagship store at Colaba are available in a 1-litre bottle. And of course, even kegs to set your mood as well as their official website! 

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