Marking the 75th year of India’s existence as an independent nation with heartwarming stories from across the country, each one of them celebrating something quintessentially Indian.

The Pashmina Trail: Weaving tales of glory

All the way from the highlands of Changthang region in Ladakh, pashmina or ‘the soft gold’ comes with the tale of a regal past and the promise of a lustrous future. I…

Butter chicken and tandoori roti
Divided by boundaries, united by food

A story of food and migration seen through post-Partition restaurants in India and the rise of dishes like butter chicken, dal makhani, Pindi chhole and tandoori fare. The Partition was one of…

Republic day
Rajpath, Republic Day, and the grand renovation!

The proud venue of the Republic Day celebrations, Rajpath along with other iconic landmarks scattered throughout Lutyens’ Delhi, stands at the crosswords of time, waiting for a new chapter to either make…

Boondi ladoo
Republic Day’s sweet connection

It’s sweet, popular and has inspired many a variant, each cloyingly addictive. But how did the unassuming boondi ka ladoo come to be associated with Republic Day?  A few years ago, when…

Gajar ka halwa or carrot halwa
Gajar ka halwa

Healthy, hearty, and soothingly hued, when it comes to brightening a winter morning, nothing quite does it like a bowl of warm carrot halwa, lovingly called gajrela or gajar ka halwa. There…

Pista buffi at sheeren bhawan
The heritage sweet shops of Old Delhi

Many of the venerable sweet shops of Old Delhi came here after Partition, carrying with them the flavours and heritage of an undivided India. There is a glow in ex-cricketer Hari Gidwani’s…

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