Hyderabad gears up for a sugar rush at Theobroma’s New Jubilee Hill outpost.



Theobroma has been vending sweets and sating dessert cravings in 60 stores across Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. The pandemic was a challenge for the entire country’s culinary ecosystem; it managed to throw a wrench into the Messman sisters’ expansion plans too.  Co-founders and sisters Kainaz Messman Harchandrai and Tina Messman founded Theobroma, an iconic patisserie as a family-owned standalone store at Cusrow Baug in Mumbai’s atmospheric Colaba neighbourhood in 2004. 

 The launch of their newest Hyderabad outlet was delayed by a couple of months. They soldiered on and early this month, Theobroma opened its doors to the city of Nizams, Hyderabad. Kainaz Messman says, “We wanted to bring our signature offerings and experience to the city of Nizams, where we already have a loyal fan following amongst discerning food lovers. Hyderabad has always been on our growth map since people here are such huge food enthusiasts who are always happy to experiment with new tastes and concepts.” 

Red velvet sponge pastry layered with cream cheese and lime juice frosting.
Red velvet sponge pastry layered with cream cheese and lime juice frosting.


The new cosy outlet is situated in the plush suburban neighbourhood of Jubilee Hills. It replaced London Bubble Co and at the opening, diners swarmed in to get their share of the delicious treats. This outpost seats approximately six people at a time, which makes it perfect as a takeaway place. Let that not dishearten you, because they plan to open three more in Begumpet, Cyberabad and Gachibowli.  

Theobroma has always been innovative with their desserts, especially during the festive seasons, so it’s safe to say that the outlets will be perpetually teeming with people looking for their treat fix. The brownies are a classic and arguably the most popular dessert closely followed by their dense loaf. We asked Kainaz if there was a new favourite. “Our newest offering is Babka and this has quickly become one of our most popular products.”    

This humble boulangerie proved to be the purveyor of exclusive, indulgent desserts, bread, croissants and much more at reasonable prices. Co-founders and sisters Kainaz Messman Harchandrai and Tina Messman Wykes, over the years, have proved how aptly their patisserie is named. To those not in the know, Theobroma is a Greek word that translates to mean ‘Food of the Gods’. 


Vanilla blueberry cup cake
Vanilla Blueberry Cupcake is a delicious contrast of the fragrant vanilla and tartness of the blueberries.  

Theobroma has amassed the admiration of dessert aficionados in an almost cult-like fashion and has become synonymous with mava cake, which we’ve been told is an heirloom recipe, breakfast staples, delicious tarts, viennoiserie pastries, and their ever-popular gooey brownies.   

After Hyderabad, the Messmans aim to woo dessert buffs across the country with a nation-wide Theobroma footprint. Kainaz considers, “Our aim in the future is to expand all over India, gradually where people will look at Theobroma not only as a patisserie but as an extension of their homes.” Their next stop after Hyderabad is Bangalore in 2021.

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