Rapper Ludacris whips up Indian food on TV

A discovery+ hour-long special has Ludacris teaming up with Chef Meherwan Irani to cook an Indian meal for his mother and other guests.

Ludacris is a man of many talents – Grammy-winning hip hop artiste, actor and restaurateur, are just a few of the hats he has donned. A skill that has eluded him thus far though, is cooking. He admits, he has scarcely ever done more than throw a sandwich together. Food, for Ludacris, has almost always been about eating and rarely actually cooking. At home, it’s his wife who takes on the responsibility of cooking and given her talents in the department, Luda is usually only involved in the eating. But he’s on a mission to change this situation.

Which is why the new Discovery+ special ‘Luda Can’t Cook’ promises to be such a treat. In this hour-long episode, Luda teams up with Chef Meherwani Irani, a four-time James Beard Award nominee and founder of the Chai Pani Restaurants Group, renowned for its Indian cuisine. The task is for Luda to not just learn how to cook Indian food but, in the end, serve up the food to his mother Roberta and some other VIP guests.

Given the complexities of Indian cuisine and Ludacris’ inexperience in the kitchen, the entertainment never stops; Chef Irani’s particular brand of humour complements Luda’s energy perfectly. Irani does a masterful job of guiding the star through the intricate processes that go into rustling up Indian food, from layering spices to making a ‘curry’. Luda takes on the challenge sportily and even comes up with the menu himself – Southern style pakodas with okra, chicken wing Luda marsala pops and beef curry.

The special ‘Luda Can’t Cook’ debuted on February 25 on discovery+.

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