Cinnamon, the Renaissance Bengaluru’s gourmet deli, is back

After a year of lockdowns, it’s time to indulge in some sweet relief at the Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel again. Don’t miss the specials

Ever since the Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel threw open its doors, the in-house deli, Cinnamon, has been one of its highlights. While desserts are one of the more sought-after offerings on the menu, there’s freshly baked bread, savoury treats and beverages as well. The menu is actually fairly dynamic, with seasonal food festivals, new additions and specials featuring often.

Cinnamon renaissance bengaluru

Sadly, with the pandemic raging across almost all of last year, the gourmet deli had to shut its doors to patrons for some time. But come Christmas, Cinnamon was back with a bang.

Says Nirata Kar, junior sous chef, “We reopened on Christmas week with a bang and featured all the usual delights. Then, there was a week of petit gateaux specials.”

With most folks being cautious about dining out, safety is one aspect that has been focussed on. Along with the usual hygiene practices, new sanitisation checks have been added. All food is sent out covered and the cutlery is disposable. For those who want to indulge in the deli’s offerings from the safety of home, there’s also the Marriott on Wheels delivery service.

Chef nirata kar

Chef Kar is excited about this return to normalcy and more than happy that the deli has gone back to its ritual of putting a chef’s special creation one day every week. Some unique offerings you’ll find on the menu include the stuffed green apple delight, apple pie inside out, contemporary black forest petit gateaux and almond chocolate cake.

The refreshing décor inside only goes to whet visitors’ appetites and right now, the deli can accommodate 10 guests. So, if you’re in the city and have been keeping that sweet tooth craving in check, now might be a good time to get back to indulgence.  

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