Ibiza going from hedonistic to holistic?

The sparkling new Six Senses Ibiza in Spain offers a few surprises that blend the sumptuous with the inspirational, the ideal mix for luxury-loving free spirits.
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Immerse yourself in infinite reflections in the infinity pool. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.

Ibiza has long worn the world’s wildest party island title quite proudly. Champagne-fuelled bacchanals and some of the hottest EDM raves have been what drew us (and the Vengaboyz!) here so far. But the arrival of the new Six Senses Ibiza on the tranquil tip of Xaracca Bay heralds a new chapter for tourism on the Spanish island, the third-largest among the Balearic cluster.

Private jets and boats (or a short commercial flight from many European cities for the hoi polloi) bring you to this serene yet celebratory stretch in the northern part of Ibiza. Think 20 acres dedicated to the most wholesome holiday experience. One that cocoons you in a world of peaceful luxury even as it sets you free to contemplate, to do, and to just be.

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Wake up to wonderful views like this. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.

Choose from their 116 suites, cave suites, and townhouses with three, four, or five bedrooms, each carefully designed to delight even as it encapsulates the magic of the Mediterranean. Picture contemporary styling juxtaposed against a traditional Med private courtyard scented by citrus blossoms from the surrounding trees.

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Beautiful bath areas and beyond. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.
Ibiza, six senses, new hotel, hotel
The Cave suites have such great atmosphere! Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.
Ibiza, six senses, new hotel, hotel
Dream away your days on this deck with a view. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.
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Spectacular sunsets make for the most satisfying sundowners Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.

The organic and seasonal dining experiences have that same immersive feel, being of the region but adhering to a decidedly high standard of global excellence. Celebrity chef Eyal Shani, known for his genius with modern Israeli cuisine, and passion for vegetables, use fresh greens from their dedicated farm in Santa Gertrudis to serve up delicacies across all their signature restaurants — The Farmers’ Market, The Orchard, HaSalon Ibiza, Pharmacy Bar — as well as shorefront tapas and sharing plates at the Beach Caves. The resort offers in-room dining and private barbecues as well.

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The resort’s family-style Mediterranean meals redefine refined rustic. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.

Oenophiles (or just about anyone who loves wine) will be thrilled with The Ibiza 500, a carefully curated section of 500 top wines chosen by their expert sommeliers. The wine vault brings you the best savours from Italy, France, and beyond. Some are also hyper-local, like the ones from the Can Rich vineyard nearby.

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Salud! Their sommeliers will ensure you have a corking good stay. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.
Ibiza, six senses, new hotel, hotel
Feel blessed by sheer bliss. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.

If there are Six Senses, can a sensational spa experience be far away? The Six Senses Spa in Ibiza offers everything, from tailored treatments provided by global practitioners and expert yogic masters to functional fitness, anti-aging, and multi-day immersive retreats. You can luxuriate in the very personalised pampering in a space of over 12,900 square feet, spanning a RoseBar longevity lounge, Caldarium bath, steam room, hammam, state-of-the-art fitness area, café, and juice bar. Experience biohacking, including Cryotherapy and compression boots.

Head outdoors to unique massage catacombs which have direct access to the organic gardens, where ingredients for the spa botanicals and Alchemy Bar are grown. Do much more than the Downward-facing Dog on their beautiful seafront Yoga deck, punch away your aggression in their al fresco boxing ring, contemplate infinity in the gorgeous infinity pool, feed your grey cells (or even grab 40 winks!) in the comfortable library.

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Serenity is in the sitars! Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.
Ibiza, six senses, new hotel, hotel
Birds’ eye view of the stunning resort. Image: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.

And although you may still be tempted to hit the club scene, there’s a lot more that this island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has to offer. Browse the craft market that is held at the very boho San Juan every Sunday. Kayak close to the imposing rock island of Es Vedrà to see if you can hear the mysterious sirens from Greek mythology. The flora of Ibiza’s rolling hills and groves, together with the marine fauna native to its coastal coves and bays offer incomparable biodiversity, so there’s a lot to explore and appreciate.

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From solar catamarans to scuba dives, sailing on yachts to mountain biking, activities abound. You just need to choose. Images: Courtesy Six Senses Ibiza.

The resort’s in-house Guest Experience Maker will have you sorted on these and other adventures, apart from arranging cycling, walking trails, water sports, paddle boarding, boat trips, cooking sessions, etc for you. Separate clubs for kids and young adults will keep them enthralled, while you can focus on your own rejuvenation via wellness workshops and meditation therapies at the Alchemy Bar.

The Six Senses Ibiza allows you to dive deep into the region’s innate natural charms and also understand Ibiza in a much more holistic rather than purely hedonistic way.

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