TD Conversations: Neil Jacobs, CEO, Six Senses Hotels Resorts & Spas and Peter J. Bates

The luxury hospitality group which focuses on wellness tourism, a $4.2 trillion market, is steadily expanding its global footprint — from 18 to 40 resorts in the next couple of years, including a restored Rajasthani iteration, with a sharp focus on sustainability.  

Neil Jacobs is a hotelier fluent in the language of luxury. But, as it turns out, he is a linguist as well and proficient in six different languages. 

His first job as General Manager was at a hotel in Seychelles. His high-profile global career trajectory has seen him work with large hospitality groups such as Four Seasons and Starwood Capital Group in continents far apart — South America to Asia. 

In 2012, Jacobs joined hands with Pegasus Capital Advisors, which had purchased Six Senses Resorts & Spas — a clutch of beach­front resorts in Southeast Asia — with the mission to promote personal well-being. Nine years on, Jacobs and his team have transformed Six Senses into a global wellness hospitality brand. They have pioneered several firsts in the segment, hiring the best minds to deliver transformative experiences that range from sleep therapy to Ayurveda-based treatments, setting formats and creating programmes that others have emulated. 


In 2019, IHG acquired Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas in a $300 million deal. “IHG is helping us come up to speed with the 21st century without altering our DNA. We had a rather Robinson Crusoe-kind of a product, but the market sentiment has shifted. We are now driving an agenda of wellness and sustainability, the former more than the latter increasingly.”

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