Horoscope June 1-15, 2022

See what the stars have in store for your sign

Madam zo

What’s life without a little fun? And what’s travel without a sense of venturing into the unknown? Our Astrogooroo understands this perfectly and promises you predictions laced with lashings of good humour and oodles of oomph. It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, the journey with Madame Zo is always an adventure!

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Recharge, relax and rejuvenate! Book yourself a wellness retreat in the farm in Manila. Indulge in foods that speak to your soul, perfect for nourishment and getting your health back in track. This trip is all about resting so you can make headways next month!



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There’s a lot on your plate this month with all the responsibilities. Time to set yourself free from all the worries and take a trip filled with positive energies and vibes. From Sedona to the hills, indulge in an energy vortex that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.



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Abundance is in your pocket this month, with a splurge heading your way. Head on to a luxurious trip to the South of France or try your luck at the casinos in Vegas! Eat your favourite food at Michelin-starred restaurants and paint the town red with all your shopping.


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It’s a rewarding month for you, so take what you’ve earned and take some time off! With joy and happiness in the air, treat yourself to your dream holiday from St Tropez to Monaco. Indulge in all the fine things from caviar to good wine, Michelin-starred restaurants to the top bars in the city!


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Break away from your mundane routine and set your eyes on a new adventure! Try scuba diving in the Andamans or hiking the mountains of Peru. Be local, feel local, and experience local as you embark on a journey and go with the flow.


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Cupid is in the air and your love life is full of fun and frolic this month. Head to a romantic getaway, be it Seychelles or the Maldives and enjoy everything in the company of your loved one, from private dinners to private yachts.



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Time to step away from the spotlight and purely relax this month. Take time off your routine and your worries and find passion and love in something you’ve been wanting to try. From a cooking class in Italy to a salsa class in Spain, indulge in all your joys and hobbies this month.


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It’s all about your loved ones this month, Pisces! Spend a lot of time bonding with your family whether it be in New York on Broadway, or LA at a winery, take your family to relaxed ambiances where you can chat, laugh, and make new memories!


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There’s a big turn this month for you Sagittarius! Lots of good things coming your way for your career with immense growth potential. Seize the opportunities by travelling to cities where you can participate in work dinners, meetings, and networking conferences and panels.


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It’s all about the outdoors this month, Scorpio! Spend your time outdoors and open spaces, be it Wadi Rum in Jordan or the Swiss Alps, or even a fun river-rafting trip to Rishikesh. Surround yourself with nature and calmn.


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It’s time for change and transition this month, Taurus! Get creative with new opportunities, ideas, and projects and spark your inspiration through travel, from Barcelona with its culture to Paris with its art.



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This month means lots of celebratory company for you, Virgo! Plan a reunion with your friends or take a large group trip full of partying, food, and drinks. It’s light-hearted fun and good vibes coming your way with a carefree and holiday full of memories.


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Tarot Coach: Neeta Jhaveri

All the way from Kobe, Japan, Neeta brings love for the mystical into everything she does. After years of corporate leadership, she began her journey in transforming other people’s personal and professional journey. Neeta is a certified international healer and a coach in Tarot, Reconnective Healing and Bach flower therapies with experience of over 15 years. She is the official brand ambassador for Thriive Journeys, the wellness travel leg of Thriive Art & Soul bringing together artists, musicians, shamans, healers and soul searchers from all around the world on curated healing trips.