Horoscope April 1-15, 2022

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Madam zo

What’s life without a little fun? And what’s travel without a sense of venturing into the unknown? Our Astrogooroo understands this perfectly and promises you predictions laced with lashings of good humour and oodles of oomph. It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, the journey with Madame Zo is always an adventure!

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This month, it’s time to spend some time alone and really reflect on yourself, your relationships, and where you’re headed, for some much-needed clarity. Book yourself a trip to the mountains in a beautiful quiet chalet to take a minute to pause, reset, and recharge.

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This month is all about discovering yourself. Take a solo trip to regroup, get your energy back. As you venture out on your own, don’t feel isolated. Sit at community tables, interact with people at cafes, grab a drink and speak to the bartender, make sure you’re starting conversations!

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Pack your bags, get into your car, turn the radio on, and get ready to cruise! This month is all about road trips, be it for work, or exploring a destination! Spontaneity is also going to be a big one for you this month as you’ll be pit-stopping along the road for new food and sights!

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Shorter trips are your forté this month as you pack up every weekend to nearby destinations whether it be with friends, families, or just your significant other! The limits are also endless with food… You’ll be exploring different palates, cuisines, and restaurants!

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Focus on tradition this month by exploring cities with rich historical culture! From the likes of Rajasthan to Italy, explore everything from monuments to palaces, churches to gardens! Not only will you be visiting the homes of royals but you’ll be eating like them as well!

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It’s time to browse the web to find a group tour maybe to the Northern Lights, an adventure trip to Kashmir in India, or maybe a trekking trip to South America! Challenge yourself by meeting new people, exploring new destinations, and tapping into a whole new palate of food.

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The water and waves are calling you with a trip to the sea! From Sri Lanka to Goa, it’s time to get in touch with the water element of yourself. Try new activities like surfing or sailing while eating summer-friendly food from smoothie bowls to seafood!

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Live and be free this month! It’s all about enjoying yourself with the people you love! Whether it’s with your significant other, an all-boys or girls’ trip, or even just some good old fun with the family, get the energy back with a month of parties and thrilling experiences.

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Family is everything to you this month. As the nostalgia hits, it’s time to reminisce and go back down memory lane by spending quality time with your family wherever they may be in the world. Plan that family reunion, visit your hometown, or meet relatives wherever they are!

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Get out of your comfort zone Scorpio, this month is all about trying something new. Book your tickets for an unexpected trip. It’s time to try challenging things and up your game with your itinerary, including activities, places, and your palate!

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The Spa is calling your name! It’s time to detox, relax, and indulge at the spa vacation you’ve been waiting to take. From Ananda to Vaana, or maybe somewhere even abroad, it’s all things fine for you. From massages to spectacular views and bubble baths, go ahead and pamper yourself!

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We see lots of money in the cards, so splurge on those sights you’ve been waiting to see! Lavish spreads, five-star hotels, Michelin star restaurants, & shopping should be on your agenda. Make sure your trip stretches out for the full month so you can maximise your fun & indulgences!
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Tarot Coach: Neeta Jhaveri

All the way from Kobe, Japan, Neeta brings love for the mystical into everything she does. After years of corporate leadership, she began her journey in transforming other people’s personal and professional journey. Neeta is a certified international healer and a coach in Tarot, Reconnective Healing and Bach flower therapies with experience of over 15 years. She is the official brand ambassador for Thriive Journeys, the wellness travel leg of Thriive Art & Soul bringing together artists, musicians, shamans, healers and soul searchers from all around the world on curated healing trips.

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