Horoscope April 16-30, 2022

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Madam zo

What’s life without a little fun? And what’s travel without a sense of venturing into the unknown? Our Astrogooroo understands this perfectly and promises you predictions laced with lashings of good humour and oodles of oomph. It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, the journey with Madame Zo is always an adventure!

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Now is a great time for spiritual growth and connecting with master guides. Be one with nature with treks in Coorg, retreats in Kashmir, or yoga camps in Rishikesh. It’s a month for evolution, so start a new routine with light, hearty, and healthy meals to keep you rejuvenated.

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It’s the season to rejuvenate and recharge. Isolation can be comforting with a solo trip or just your loved ones, to build your energy back. Rent a house for a week, indulge in comfort food or take up cooking, slow down your time and spend your money for a total relaxed trip.

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There’s lightning energy and a lot of great work and opportunities coming your way which will have you travelling across the globe, so make sure to seize any great meeting coming your way. Take care of yourself well to keep you energised during those long meetings!

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From high teas to brunches, fancy dinners to evening parties, it’s time to connect with old friends and new and make an effort to go out more. Take fun trips anywhere, from Ibiza to Thailand, where you and your friends can make the most of your time together!

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You’re in your happy zone this month with lots of attention, care, and admiration from. your loved ones. Take a trip with your besties that you need to bond with to Barcelona, or a romantic couple’s trip to the South of France. It’s time to indulge and spend time with the people you love the most.

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Time to manifest and dream big, because your successes are closer than you think! From manifesting good health, your dream trip and restaurants that you’ve wanted to try, you’ll get it all. Fly to Tulum, start a new sport, or dine at your favourite Michelin-star restaurant!

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It’s time to do some long-term planning Libra! Have you had your sights set on a new house outside the city, or a dream holiday? It’s time to take this month to start planning and investing your money so that your travel future is bright and happy for you!

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Time to pack your bags because you’re going on an adventure! You are at your fittest right now, so take advantage of that and push the limits. Challenge yourself with a trip to the Himalayas or Machu Pichu. And let your tongue have its own adventure with local cuisines too.

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This month, your one foot is in the door and one foot is out! You’ll be hop, skip, and jumping around with lots of travel. It’s all about meeting new people from trade shows to saying hi to the person next to you in a foreign country! It’s all about socialising and being carefree.

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Family is everything this month for you! Time to revisit those old bonds or create new memories with your family! Find a holiday home from Alibaug to Bali and indulge in a reunion with the people you love the most, with big, family-style dinners and through-the-day indulgences.

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Your focus should be your health! It’s time to balance your chakras and feel the ease with trips that nourish your mind, body, and soul. From Vivamair in Austria to Vana in India, go for a complete detox with lots of massages, set food routines, and meditation and yoga sessions!

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Experimentation is running through your veins as you’ll indulge in culture from arts and music to food and people. A surf and soul trip to Bali, or a wine and dine trip to Italy, or even jumping in cenotes in Mexico, there’s no structure… just full-on adventure!
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Tarot Coach: Neeta Jhaveri

All the way from Kobe, Japan, Neeta brings love for the mystical into everything she does. After years of corporate leadership, she began her journey in transforming other people’s personal and professional journey. Neeta is a certified international healer and a coach in Tarot, Reconnective Healing and Bach flower therapies with experience of over 15 years. She is the official brand ambassador for Thriive Journeys, the wellness travel leg of Thriive Art & Soul bringing together artists, musicians, shamans, healers and soul searchers from all around the world on curated healing trips.

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