Horoscope May 1-15, 2022

See what the stars have in store for your sign

Madam zo

What’s life without a little fun? And what’s travel without a sense of venturing into the unknown? Our Astrogooroo understands this perfectly and promises you predictions laced with lashings of good humour and oodles of oomph. It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, the journey with Madame Zo is always an adventure!

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It’s time to reward yourself for a fruitful month! Go to a place with rich history whether it’s the pyramids of Egypt or the soul of South Korea, indulge in being a local from cuisine to activities and even people!

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It’s me myself, and I this month but with lots of interactions! Dive deep into the unknown as a solo traveller. Hop, skip, and jump from a backpacking trip in Europe to a holiday in the North in India with new travel groups. From walking tours to bar crawls, mingle and connect with others.

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It’s been a month of people relying on you and you having their backs, so it’s time to just take some time for yourself and really indulge in YOU. Go on a trip that’ll spark some learning, be it a sommelier class in France or a cooking class in Italy.

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It’s time to push your limits this month and success will come your way! Take your hardworking mentality into your next trip by going on an adventure that pushes the boundaries. From sports to connecting with nature, it’s time to hit the trail and enjoy an action-packed trip!

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It’s the season for passion! Take your loved one to the city of lights in New York or the city of love in Paris and spend quality time just getting to know more about each other. If you’re single, get ready to meet someone interesting on one of your holidays!

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It’s time to be the leader we always knew you had in you. With your strong personality, plan that trip whether it’s Mykonos or Bali and leave the rest up to spontaneity! Surprise yourself by new interactions, food, locations, and adventures you never thought you’d experience!

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This month is all about balance. It’s a mixed bag of emotions so pick a place that’ll suit your every mood and every desire on the trip. Be it Australia with activities, adventure and the famous Great Barrier Reef or road-tripping across the USA.

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Your love and care have been lavished on your loved ones and now it’s time for some self-care! Wash your stress away in the beaches of Mykonos or by partying in Croatia. Get your swimsuit out, your favourite cocktail and beach bites and pamper yourself!

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Dip into the golden pot and splurge! The stars are on your side this month with lots of luck, love and travel coming your way so take your dream holiday in Paris, or a luxurious cruise along the Nile.

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It’s a very busy month for you with lots happening, new projects and opportunities! With this excitement it’s also important to relax and recharge. We hope you’re hopping on a plane to Maldives for a few days and enjoying the sun, sand, and sea!

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Intricacy is your forté. You love things planned so fix up a detailed itinerary and things are smooth sailing for you for your next trip. We suggest a long Eurotrip or even one to Japan to soak in all the culture and everything else the country has to offer!

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You’ve been climbing the scale successfully that now it’s time to detach, relax, and recharge! It’s time to tap into your zen zone with a trip to Bali, Thailand, or even a retreat in the hills with a focus on clean food and massages!
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Tarot Coach: Neeta Jhaveri

All the way from Kobe, Japan, Neeta brings love for the mystical into everything she does. After years of corporate leadership, she began her journey in transforming other people’s personal and professional journey. Neeta is a certified international healer and a coach in Tarot, Reconnective Healing and Bach flower therapies with experience of over 15 years. She is the official brand ambassador for Thriive Journeys, the wellness travel leg of Thriive Art & Soul bringing together artists, musicians, shamans, healers and soul searchers from all around the world on curated healing trips.