Horoscope May 16-31, 2022

See what the stars have in store for your sign

Madam zo

What’s life without a little fun? And what’s travel without a sense of venturing into the unknown? Our Astrogooroo understands this perfectly and promises you predictions laced with lashings of good humour and oodles of oomph. It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not, the journey with Madame Zo is always an adventure!

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The party is calling your name. Travel with your best pals for a trip that’s fun and energetic. From clubs in Amsterdam to Tomorrowland in Belgium, it’s all about music and upbeat energy for you!


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It’s time for your body to get some rest and recuperation. Your body is in need of slowing down so take a trip that does just that for you from Dehradun to Zermatt. Indulge in massages, good food, and relaxing company.


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It’s all about going with the flow this month and surrounding yourself with people that are aligned with you! Take a leap and head for an adventure. Climb the Tigers’ Nest in Bhutan or the pyramids in Egypt, get out of your comfort zone with new adventures, new food, and a new culture.

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It’s time to celebrate! Reward yourself for all your hard work by taking multiple small trips to keep the spirit going. From a beach villa in Alibag to a palace in Jaipur, a quick trip to the Maldives or the Andaman Islands, get yourself moving in and around constantly.

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Success is within reach for you. Take a trip to network and gain new opportunities from trade shows to going back to school. Eat light, healthy, and stay nourished to make sure you stay ahead of the game as lots of great contacts and money are coming your way.

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Being confident, ambitious and decisive comes easy to you, so take what you deserve. Go all out and splurge with a trip to treat yourself. From London to Paris, New York to Italy, enjoy the finer things in life this month.


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It’s time for abundance this month with luck on your side. Splurge a little with a fun and easy-going trip to celebrate the happy times. From Italy to Greece, good energies and good luck are with you every step of the way.

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It’s been draining for you this month, physically and emotionally, so all we got to say is, pamper yourself! Plan a leisurely trip to the hills, or to the beach in Phuket or Bali. Recuperate your thoughts, feel aligned with your mind, and get all your energy back.

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Your perspective is about to change by exploring new realms. Take a trip to the undiscovered, something you haven’t checked off your bucket list. From Scotland to Portugal, indulge in history and culture, local food, and company.

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It’s time to explore a new horizon by trying something new. Enroll yourself in some classes or simply master your skills. From becoming a sommelier in Italy, to speaking a new language in Paris, dig deep into a passion of yours you haven’t explored./span>

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It’s time to escape your normal routine and get a change of scenery. With a new exotic place like Tulum and Greece come good energies, vibes, and good company. Spend your time around people you love.


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Being a perfectionist is in your nature so put it to good use. Plan a long holiday where you’ve mapped out your itinerary to the tee and hit all the spots you’ve been wanting to. Challenge your palate, see new architecture, and go on quirky excursions as a part of your plan.
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Tarot Coach: Neeta Jhaveri

All the way from Kobe, Japan, Neeta brings love for the mystical into everything she does. After years of corporate leadership, she began her journey in transforming other people’s personal and professional journey. Neeta is a certified international healer and a coach in Tarot, Reconnective Healing and Bach flower therapies with experience of over 15 years. She is the official brand ambassador for Thriive Journeys, the wellness travel leg of Thriive Art & Soul bringing together artists, musicians, shamans, healers and soul searchers from all around the world on curated healing trips.