Get your chai at a vending machine

Cherise Tapri is a state-of-the-art smart vending kiosk that dispenses a range of teas, coffees, soups and milk.

One of India’s largest tea manufacturers and distributors, MK Tea Group, has been in business for over six decades. While its operations deal in orthodox tea production, the company has now unveiled a revolutionary new technology in the tea industry. Known as Cherise Tapri, this new, state-of-the-art smart vending kiosk can dispense a range of teas, coffees, soups and milk.

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Get your chai at a vending machine 2

The Cherise Tapri, on paper, definitely sounds like a solid proposition. It gets built-in GPS, hand sanitiser, cellular and WiFi connectivity, fingerprint recognition, Android-based touchscreen and is fully mobile app controlled along with being enabled with cloud based IoT. The support system from the company ensures weekly cleaning, servicing and restocking, as well as hygiene inspection every fortnight and a monthly technician visit.

The beverages (all made by in-house food scientists) on offer include Mumbai Masala Chai, Delhi Adrak Chai, Calcutta Elaichi Chai, Madras Coffee, Jodhpuri Masala Doodh, Bikaneri Elaichi Doodh and Hyderabadi Tomato Soup, among others.

Parimal Shah, founder and CEO, Cherise India Private Limited, said: “Consumers in today’s day and age are knowledgeable and mature. They are aware of global trends and well connected on social media platforms. Due to such exposure, their expectations have increased phenomenally when it comes to health and hygiene. Today, consumers carefully read all the ingredients that are being used to create a food or beverage formulation. They expect that their product is made using natural ingredients and they expect honest quality first and foremost. This is exactly what Cherise delivers. Our vending technology is fully proprietary and owned by us, we have our own laboratories where we do extensive research on vending technology as well as on beverage ingredients. Our smart vending machines as well as our beverages and formulations are manufactured by us at our own plants. We do not have any third-party or OEM partners and we do not do any form of private labelling for anyone. We manufacture and market our own brands.”     

Well, the Cherise Tapri does sound promising and might actually improve India’s favourite chai breaks.

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