Monsoon brews from Gateway Brewing Co

Chai Tea Porter and American Pale Ale will make those dark, rainy days a whole lot of fun.

With the monsoon setting in across the country, it’s time to welcome the rainy season and bid farewell to the scorching days of summer. And while the rains have been playing hide and seek so far, why not invoke the rain gods in your own way. Gateway Brewing Co has just launched two new flavours, monsoon brews to celebrate the rains.

Gateway brewing co monsoon brews
The Chai Tea Porter invokes monsoon memories with its masala chai aroma while the American Pale Ale is a wonderful contrast of caramel and toffee, and bitter notes.

Chai Tea Porter is exactly what it sounds like, a brew made with the spices of masala chai. Imagine curling up with a chilled glass of Chai Tea Porter while the heavens open up outside, the aroma of the spices making for the quintessential monsoon experience. And if you aren’t one for chai or spices, opt instead, for the new American Pale Ale. With its rich caramel and toffee notes contrasting perfectly with delicious bitter flavour, rainy days will never be the same again.

Available in 1 litre pet bottles and 5 litre party kegs, Chai Tea Porter and American Pale Ale can be ordered directly from Gateway Brewing Co’s website or, if you’re in Mumbai, you could visit the new brand experience retail store.

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