Forces of Nature promises a unique gastronomical experience in Saudi Arabia

Sat 40 minutes away from AIUIA, Forces of Nature is a 10 day pop-up restaurant that truly lives up to its name.
A 40 minute drive from the desert city of aiuia leads to the forces of nature, a pop-up dining experience
A 40 minute drive from the desert city of AIUIA leads to the Forces of Nature, a pop-up dining experience.

The last thing you’d expect In a remote desert canyon in the ancient desert city of AlUla is a culinary adventure. With Forces of Nature, a 10 pop-up restaurant, you get just that.

Using only the raw power of the nature that surrounds it, the event is the first of its kind. Forces of Nature is part of the AlUla festival season Moments, a remote but globally significant heritage destination located in Saudi Arabia.

Experiential gastronomy specialists, Bompas & Parr has developed the concept driven by the black lunar-esque volcanic plateaus that contrast with the ochre sandstone and lush green oasis of the AlUla region. An open-air restaurant, Forces of Nature is built on the ground-breaking work of one of the world’s foremost experts in molten rock, Prof. Robert Wysocki from Syracuse University in New York. The lava furnace has been especially designed for the event and shipped to AlUla for construction.

Your food and even drinks are prepared using forces of nature right in front of you, with a lava furnace specially flown in.
Your food and even drinks are prepared using forces of nature right in front of you, with a lava furnace specially flown in.

The entire dining experience at Forces of Nature is guided by torchlight through a bespoke sound and light installation, rounding up the sensory effect. With tickets sparsely available, lucky diners get an incredible opportunity to eat sumptuous local produce, cooked across a stream of molten lava heated to a staggering 1350℃. 

Lava technicians pour out the molten rocks in front of the guests, seared to perfection in mere seconds. There are also options to get smoked, roasted and grilled meals over three roaring fire pits. 

The immersive dining at Forces of Nature features a phenomenal set menu. From whole, salt-baked celeriac, charred fillets of beef finished across molten lava to pit-roasted saddles of goat grilled across fire pits, it’s pure indulgence for meat lovers through and through. 

A delicious experience for gourmands, forces of nature is every bit a sensory explosion.
A delicious experience for gourmands, Forces of Nature is every bit a sensory explosion.

Desserts have been given much thought too, including a decadent chocolate lava cake, oozing in the middle of course. For drinks, Forces of Nature features smoked, flamed, and charred mocktails, as well as coffee and tea, heated tableside.

At present, Saudi Arabia spans over 200 dormant volcanoes, creating some of the most dramatic volcanic landscapes in the world. The limestone of AlUla was formed between 541 and 251 million years ago, during the Paleozoic Era creating the rock-faces that allowed habitation that are synonymous with AlUla. It’s in this stunning geological setting, close to a UNESCO Heritage site that you get to feast like royals at Forces of Nature. 

Commenced on February 18, 2022, Forces of Nature is scheduled to end on February 26. It’s the amalgamation of the finest local ingredients and theatrical preparation that brings the heart of the volcano to the table.

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