Flying through lean times

Drunken Monkey, a smoothie chain which started just 5 years ago as a single outlet, has today expanded to over 100 outlets across more than 50 Indian cities. In 2020-21, it registered an astonishing Rs 60 crore in turnover.

The pandemic, as much havoc as it wreaked, also gave rise to unique opportunities. Opportunities that have catapulted some enterprises to achieve lofty targets and succeed in a year of devastating losses. Drunken Monkey is one such success story.

Founded in 2016 by Samrat Reddy, the Drunken Monkey started as a single smoothie bar in Hyderabad. In just a matter of five years, the brand now has over 100 outlets across 50 Indian cities. Run as a franchisee model, in 2020-21, the smoothie chain registered a turnover of over Rs 60 crore. Quite the astounding success story during this period.

Founder and managing director Samrat Reddy believes one of the reasons for this success is Drunken Monkey’s focus on natural and healthy products without any adulteration. “During the pandemic, consumers started to rethink their choices in terms of beverages and moved towards healthier options,” he says.

Another reason for the brand’s popularity is probably its wide gamut of menu options. From fresh fruit or vegetable smoothies, and smoothie bowls that use fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts, to indulgent cold coffees and shakes, Drunken Monkey’s menu has over 200 smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Aside from expanding through the crisis, Drunken Monkey also launched the Flying Monkey Foundation, which engages local communities through various sporting tournaments and other initiatives.

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