Visit Finland this season, ‘the happiest country of 2022’

Finland has become the happiest country for the fifth consecutive year, and that’s just one reason out of many why you must visit it.

The World Happiness Report 2022 is out, and seems like the Land of a Thousand Lakes is running high on dopamine, yet again. Finland has been named as the happiest country in the world for the fifth year in a row, as per the UN-sponsored index.

Finland is the happiest country in the world.
Finland is the happiest country in the world. Image: Shutterstock/BlueOrange Studio.

India ranks 136th, the United States held the 16th spot, while the top five countries in the list are part of Europe. Following Finland, Denmark bagged the second rank, while Iceland and Switzerland stood at third and fourth ranks respectively. The Netherlands stood at fifth in the list, meanwhile, Luxembourg, Norway, Israel, and New Zealand were the remaining countries that made it to the top 10.

Marking its tenth anniversary this year, the World Happiness Report’s measurement of subjective well-being depends on three main indicators: life evaluations, positive emotions, and negative emotions. The happiness score takes account of GDP, social support, personal freedom, and levels of corruption. Additionally,  special attention has been given this time to specific emotions in day-to-day life to keep a track of effects of COVID-19 on different aspects of people’s lives.

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The cityscape of helsinki.
The cityscape of Helsinki. Image: Shutterstock/Mistervlad.

Other than the high happiness scores, there are a number of reasons to visit the country. Breathtaking landscapes, abundant nature, a laid-back way of life, low crime levels, high standard of living, and a superb education system, to count a few! The architecture in the capital city of Helsinki is a fascinating mix of Scandinavian and Russian influences.

Outdoor adventures including hiking, husky-pulled sled rides, and wildlife spotting never cease in Arctic Finland all day long, while the northern lights come out to play here at night. While you are at it, stay in one of the glass igloos at northern Finland’s Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Along the western coast, over 50,000 untouched islands are home to secluded beaches and quiet natural spots. Add to it the thousands of lakes that call it home, together making it a happy paradise that it is.

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