5 Indian travel influencers who will give you a world tour through their Insta feeds!

Travel the world from the comfort of your couch, as the Instagram handles of these top travel influencers from India take you through their beautiful journeys.

With all the time in the world, working from home and surviving a series of lockdowns over last two years, most of us travellers have, at some point or the other, found solace in scrolling through picture-perfect feeds of our favourite travel Instagram accounts. From powdery beaches and azure waters to lip-smacking cuisines and twinkling skylines of far-off iconic cities, escaping to a different world through someone else’s adventures has inspired us and lifted up our spirits when we needed the most during these uncertain times. So, here’s a look at the most alluring Instagram feeds of top five Indian travel influencers who stopped wondering and started wandering, for good for us all.

5 Indian travel influencers you must follow RN!

Larissa D’sa

Larissa d'sa | indian travel influencers
Larissa D’sa is best known for her aesthetic photos. Image: Courtesy Larissa D’sa Instagram.

From bagging a number of iconic titles recognising her work as a travel influencer to hosting her very own travel show for TravelXP called Unwind, Larissa D’sa has done it all. Giving major travel goals from her social media channels, D’sa has a unique way of capturing candid moments from her trips in the most aesthetic way! The TEDx speaker has over 631k followers on Instagram and uses the platform to talk about things that go beyond travel like fitness, mental health, art, and more. Check out her feed here.

Anunay Sood

Anunay sood | indian travel influencers
A casual day in Spiti in Anunay Sood’s life! Image: Courtesy Anunay Sood Instagram.

Marketing specialist, entrepreneur, travel photographer, blogger — Anunay Sood dons many hats, and owns every single of them. A true inspiration for those who seek to follow their dream of travelling the world without quitting their jobs, Sood loves mountains, adventures, and his camera to capture it all. His fun, deep-diving pictures have amassed a following of over 799k on Instagram! Travel is also the reason that brought him close to Brinda Sharma (justthetwo_) and now, the two are busy exploring the world together. Check out his feed here.

Savi and Vid aka Bruised Passports

Bruised passports | indian travel influencers
Savi and Vid on a dreamy date in Queensland, Australia. Image: Courtesy Bruised Passports Instagram.

They met in high school, dated for years, and got married in 2008. What followed was a journey full of love and a shared passion for travel that filled their passports with stamps of all shapes and colours! At a whopping 1.2million followers today, Savi and Vid, the amazing duo behind Bruised Passports, are a common name when it comes to counting the top travel influencers from India, having travelled 96 countries (and counting). The couple loves its luxury trips, but you can count on the two for digging out deets for you on destinations, itineraries, accommodation suggestions, packing guides, tips for budgeting, and pretty much everything in between. Check out their feed here.  

Tanya Khanijow

Tanya khanijow  | indian travel influencers
Tanya Khanijow on her trip to Taiwan. Image: Courtesy Taniya Khanijow Instagram.

Tanya Khanjijow actually left her high-paying corporate job in an advertising firm to give her passion for travel a fair shot. Over the years, her endless love for adventures, distinct cultures, new experiences, and all good things to explore beyond the four walls of a home, has taken her on many solo trips and garnered her a dedicated following of 406k on Instagram. Follow her journey for the stunning pictures from across the world, paired with the OG feel-good factor that’s a rare find in the digital world these days. Check out her feed here.

Aakash Malhotra aka Wander With Sky

Aakash malhotra  | indian travel influencers
Aakash Malhotra clearly loves his Switzerland trips! Image: Courtesy Wander With Sky Instagram.

The description on his website’s bio reads as, “A mountain boy from India who has a crush on the world!”, and aptly so. For Aakash Malhotra aka Wander With Sky has been to 42 countries so far, loves going on impromptu adventures and vlogging them, and is on a mission, seeking happiness and self-discovery through travelling across the world. He calls himself a serial travelprenuer, and each of the breathtaking picture on his Instagram, speaks of his dedication to show the world to his dedicated community of 548k followers through his creative lens. Check out his feed here.

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