‘Earthy Hues’ at Bikaner House is a celebration of earthy sculptures and curated art

Showcasing at New Delhi’s Bikaner House till May 6, Earthy Hues is a beautiful amalgamation of artworks by two eminent artists.

One 0 Eight Art Projects and Art Magnum, the capital’s two leading art galleries have come together to present Earthy Hues, a stellar showcase of earthy sculptures and artworks aligned with the nature and human evolution. Running at New Delhi’s Bikaner House from April 28 to May 6, 2022, the exhibition features works of G Reghu and Anki Bhutia.

Earthy hues is a treat to art enthusiasts in the capital.
Earthy Hues is a treat to art enthusiasts in the capital.

Kerala-based Reghu is a prolific sculptor who likes to work with indigenous materials. His sculptures are doll-like and employ traditional folk motifs, like women and children at leisure, with expressions of joy or wonder. His Indian village roots are reflected in the muted organic earth colours and matte finish.

Earthy sculptures by g reghu.
Earthy sculptures by G Reghu.

Bhutia, on the other hand, is known for her nature-inspired paintings. Originally from Sikkim, she grew up in the pristine lap of nature, and so, the palette used is a vibrant imitation of nature, as seen in rocks, streams, sunshine, fires, forests, and avian feathers. Her works evolve from a monastic discipline as practiced in Buddhism. Imagination intensifies her perception of the nature transforming every object of her painting into a living being.

Nature-inspired paintings by anki bhutia.
Nature-inspired paintings by Anki Bhutia.

Commenting on the exhibition, Tarun Khanna, Founder, One O Eight Projects, says, “We are elated to associate with both the artists and provide them a platform for showcasing their talent. We hope to delight all the art lovers by amalgamating Gandhian philosophy and Buddhism inspiration incorporated by Reghu and Anki Bhutia in their artworks respectively. We aim to bring the diverse culture at one platform.”

One 0 eight art projects and art magnum have come together for this showcase.
One 0 Eight Art Projects and Art Magnum have come together for this showcase.

Earthy Hues brings to the table, the visions of both eminent Indian artists in the form of soothing artworks that are a result of their learning and inspiration from life and nature. ”For all the art lovers seeking a way out to transcend into a magical time and escape reality for a few minutes, Earthy Hues can definitely offer them the opportunity to do so. The artworks are extraordinary and have been put together with a vision in mind. Each artist compliments the other and comes together seamlessly as a showcase that is going to leave you spellbound,” says Saurabh Singhvi, Director, Art Magnum.

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