Drunken Monkey looks to expand in Delhi and Mumbai

One of India’s fastest-growing smoothie chains, Drunken Monkey, registered Rs 60 crore in revenues in 2020. Now, it’s eyeing Delhi and Mumbai for expansion, with plans to open 50 new stores in the two metros by end of 2021-22.

While it started as a standalone smoothie bar in Hyderabad in 2016, Drunken Monkey has today established itself across the country with over 100 outlets in 50 Indian cities such as Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata. Even as the F&B sector reeled from the devastation wreaked by the pandemic, over the last year, the brand registered an astonishing Rs 60 crore of revenues.

Drunken Monkey store
While it started as a standalone smoothie bar in Hyderabad, today, Drunken Monkey is present across 50 Indian cities. By end of 2021-22, the brand plans to open 50 new stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

Now, the brand, one of India’s fastest growing smoothie chains, is eyeing another major expansion drive, with plans of opening up 50 stores in Delhi and Mumbai by the end of 2021-22. The Drunken Monkey stores are run on a franchisee model, and have over 200 special combinations of natural fruit smoothies, smoothie bowls and juices. While domestically, the focus is currently on North India and metro cities, the brand is also looking to grow in overseas markets.

Samrat Reddy, founder and managing director at Drunken Monkey, said: “Drunken Monkey as a brand had started the dialogue on health and wellness way before the pandemic. We knew that the paramount aspect of human life is our health, and that should be nurtured with utmost care. As the saying goes ‘what we consume is what we are’ – natural healthy food is the only way to go. We are now on a mission to spread our wings to multiple areas so that fresh fruit smoothies are easily accessible to everyone and that too at an affordable price. We want to make smoothie bars a trend in India so that the youth can see it as a place of leisure accompanied with healthy food.”

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