Delhi can now crack open a cold cocktail-in-a-bottle this summer

India’s first ready to serve cocktail-in-a-bottle is here, and Mr. Jerry’s rapid growth means the crowd is liking what they’re seeing!
The sleek and clean design of these ready-to-serve cocktails make mr. Jerry's all the more appealing.
The sleek and clean design of these ready-to-serve cocktails make Mr. Jerry’s all the more appealing.

If cocktails in a can weren’t enough, you can now clink some bottles together too! Expanding their refreshing footsteps, India’s first ready-to-serve cocktail-in-a-bottle, Mr. Jerry’s is all set to launch in the capital.

The brand is helmed by the four dynamic entrepreneurs including Mrinal Manu, Rincy Varghese, Arijit Bose, and Pankaj Balachandran. Since their launch in December 2020, Mr. Jerry’s has gained increasing popularity in a short span of time. From Goa and Mumbai to Bangalore, consumers are increasingly reaching out for a ready to serve cocktail bottle. Having established their presence in the major metros across the nation, they’re now headed towards West Bengal, Pondicherry, and even Telangana by the end of 2022. 

Why Mr. Jerry’s, you ask? The name was inspired by the great grandfather from the golden era of bartending. Still a massive influence to bartenders and bars around the world, Mr. Jerry P. Thomas is something of a legend and more. He also authored the Bartenders Guide, and is sometimes known as The Bon Vivant’s companion (1863). 

Can't stop won't stop and don't need to stop thanks to mr. Jerry's making cocktails all the more convenient!
Can’t stop won’t stop and don’t need to stop thanks to Mr. Jerry’s making cocktails all the more convenient!

Mr. Jerry’s offers craft cocktails in the most convenient manner to its audience. The pandemic has changed how consumers, especially those from the younger generations, drink. Gone are the days when a good cocktail meant burning a hole in your pocket. Now, you can indulge in one conveniently from the comfort of home. 

The success of the model speaks for itself, with the brand reporting sales of around Rs. 2.16 crores in just 15 short months. Devoid of added colours, flavours or preservatives, Mr. Jerry’s is truly pioneering a revolution for ready-to-serve cocktails. 

The journey was arduous, involving a lot of trial and error, and of course, copious consumption of the cocktails through development. Finally, the team triangulated on 6 cocktails recipes, with one limited edition addition and released it in the market. Goa’s palate took to this first edition of the range well, with something for every palate. Mr. Jerry’s offers 6 intricately mixed cocktails in 500 ml bottles, which make approximately 5 drinks each.

The refreshing nature of cucumber and elderflower, all bottled up in one delicious cocktail for you.
The refreshing nature of cucumber and elderflower, all bottled up in one delicious cocktail for you.

According to Rincy Varghese, Brand Manager at Blue Ocean Beverages Private Limited, “We aim to scale Mr. Jerry’s by enhancing its product portfolio and by expanding our footprints to new cities. Owing to New Delhi’s diverse consumer profile, it has become a very important market for us. Mr. Jerry is not a premix but is India’s first ready-to-serve cocktail-in-a-bottle. With this first mover advantage, we would soon like to expand to the length and breadth of the country.”

In keeping with their commitment to producing a quality product, Arijit Bose and Pankaj Balachandran, two of the most recognized people in the Indian bartending and beverages space, helped curate and develop the cocktail variants. 

Mrinal and Rincy’s experience at Blue Ocean Beverages Pvt. Ltd also helped, given the duo’s history in bottling and access to distribution across India. This enabled a quick launch despite the complicated liquor laws and registration process.

And seeing the response of consumers, nobody’s complaining!

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