After a long gap of 21 years, Cyprus to reopen sea-link with the outside world

Cyprus, an island country in the eastern Mediterranean, has re-established a regular sea-route with Greece after over two decades.
Limassol is one of the most crucial ports in the Cypriot sea-link. Image: Shutterstock/FOTOGRIN.

An ancient culture steeped in myth, Cyprus welcomes you to flop out on its sun-soaked stretches of sand. For those with an adventurous streak, the versatile terrain and rare headwinds make Cyprus perfect for biking, hiking, rock climbing, windsurfing, and cruising. But dig deeper, and you’ll unearth that almost of all of its rich history connects to the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds it from all corners.

Before Alexander the Great, along with his troops, made his thrusts to conquer lands on the eastern end, their ships called into port at Cyprus to be readied and refitted. Its strategic location made sure it remained an important element in the Mediterranean trading and transferring route until October 2001, which was the last time when there was any sea-link between Cyprus and Greece. After the discontinuation of ferries, only cargo vessels and international cruise ship docked in Cypriot ports.

The re-established sea-route will now feature luxury cruises and ferry services. Image: Shutterstock/Fluieras Ana-Cristina.

Now, after a long gap of 21 years, Cyprus has re-established regular sea-link with the rest of the world. The launch of a ferry from the Limassol port in Cyprus to Greece marked the occassion. Aimed at benefitting both the countries in terms of tourism and economy, the sea route will have modern ships and luxury cruises offering smooth sailing experiences to the interested travellers.

Along with providing leisure sailing trips, the sea ferry service operated by Daleena, a Cypriot-registered cruise brand, will also offer to transport private vehicles. Its 30-hour cruise can accommodate 270 passengers and 100 cars at a time. This comes as as a big news for road-trippers who are planning a self-driving trip through Greece and beyond!

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