Bee-come a part of Candolim’s new hive mind at aColmeia!

Goa’s aColmeia is a new co-living and co-working space that aims to build a community of like-minded people.

There’s a Queen Bee at aColmeia.

She’s constantly buzzing, greets every visitor at the gate (sometimes with a hug), watches you adoringly while you eat, will inspect your room before you, and will drive away unwanted intruders. Black with patches of white, one ear constantly perked, and tail wagging, Feni is the chief property manager of the new residential and co-working space aColmeia in Candolim.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
A pleasant place to work. Or play. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

aColmeia translates to ‘the hive’ in Portuguese and is thus named because this venture seeks inspiration (design and otherwise) from bees. The month-old space is a co-living and co-working venue by the Nerul River that offers visitors a chance to work, unwind, relax, and be part of a community. “Co-living is a place where people can come together and share experiences with each other,” says CEO Dhruv Udeshi, who started aColmeia with Tushar Shah.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
Sign of the times. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

aColmeia is the first of what Udeshi hopes is a series of physical spaces created to benefit transient populations (students, digital nomads, medical tourists, expats) in different cities. In the future, he wants to build 10 more places in Goa, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh. “Each space will be designed keeping the habits of the people in mind. An IT professional, for example, spends 12 hours outside his living space and has no need for a living room. A digital nomad requires good connectivity and opportunities to meet people and network and connect. Their living space is designed keeping in mind long-term stay,” says Udeshi.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
Clever design at AColmeia. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

Their debut space is meant for digital nomads. aColmeia Residencia Cardoso occupies 20,000 sq ft of property and has eight rooms spread across two floors. The rooms are spacious, 250 sq ft to 400 sq ft, with minimal décor elements. Functionality is key: they come equipped with a mini fridge, microwave, AC, a writing desk, and a wardrobe. The topmost floor is an open terrace that serves as a communal lounge with a television (there are none in the rooms), and co-working space with tables and chairs.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
Basic yet comfortable spaces. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

There’s a laundromat where you can wash and iron your own clothes, a shared kitchen space open for people who want to cook; they offer set meals that cost extra. A winding garden path, shaded by coconut and mango trees leads to an open area by the river — this will soon be converted into a restaurant/bar. Shaded by trees is a cosy barbecue area. Udeshi promises the best internet speed in Goa, ensuring connectivity doesn’t drop and your work can continue without a hitch.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
Pretty artwork to please your senses. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

The bee theme pops up at a few places: in the vibrant logo, in the murals on the staircase, and in the hexagonal garden seats. Udeshi wants to foster a community of people helping each other upskill, one that enables sharing of knowledge and activate people’s interest in learning new things. “This community is not just for people who live with us, but is open to all,” he explains.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
Clean and modern lines in the rooms. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

In the lead up to their launch this month, aColmeia have hosted workshops — mixologist Obhi Mitra conducted a cocktails masterclass, chef Siddharth Shrestha taught people how to make sushi, and art healer Aru Bose conducted a Sip and Paint session. In the pipeline are a pottery workshop, and one on pet care. It’s no surprise that aColmeia is pet-friendly. Udeshi and his wife Sapna came to Goa with their two dogs, Brandy and Zoe. The two dogs are part of a pack that includes Feni, Ginger, Farrow, and Luv. Coming soon will be a dog park in the garden.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
Verandahs for fresh air when you need it. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

aColmeia is like a hostel but better. The rooms are spacious, its location is close to some good eating joints (Bhatti Village, House of Lloyd), the WiFi is strong, and the entire atmosphere is tranquil. You wake up to the sounds of birds, with a dog greeting you at the door and escorting you to breakfast. You can work under the shade of trees, surrounded by the resident roosters, or upstairs with a view of the surroundings. For a screen break, take a walk down to the river and soothe your eyes on the tranquil waters.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
The river is close at hand. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

They’ve just opened so there are working out some kinks, especially to do with Goa’s monsoons and all that it brings along. It’s important to remember this isn’t a hotel, so self-service is mandatory. aColmeia wants to target people who can stay for longer durations but as an introductory offer, they are open to one-night stays too. Just don’t forget to pet the Queen Bee.

Acolmeia, goa, candolim
The paw patrol has approved of it. Image: Courtesy aColmeia.

Good to know

Tariff: Between Rs 1,200 and Rs 2,800 per night | Set meals: Breakfast Rs 75, vegetarian meals Rs 125, and non-vegetarian meals Rs 175 per person | Address: aColmeia, Residencia Cardoso, No.1673/a-2 Survey No.79/1-a, Candolim 403515 | Website:

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