Burma Burma brings bold flavours to ‘Small Plates’

Celebrate Burmese flavours with a contemporary twist with Burma Burma’s new and limited ‘Small Plates’ Menu.
Burma burma has introduced a limited-time 'small plates' menu at its outlets across india.
Burma Burma has introduced a limited-time ‘Small Plates’ menu at its outlets across India.

After eight years of celebrating the authentic flavours of Burmese cuisine, Burma Burma cooks up a twist. With a new and exclusive menu, Small Plates, the brand adds a contemporary spin to Burma’s rich food heritage.

The ‘Small Plates’ menu takes an ingredient-based approach to exploring dishes from the streets of Burma. It accommodates gluten-free and vegan options along with a fresh range of ingredients such as jackfruit, nokeh (homemade Burmese cheese), stone flower, banana flower, and hemp seeds.

Burma burma's broccoli and nokeh, part of the new 'small plates' menu.
Burma Burma’s Broccoli and Nokeh, part of the new ‘Small Plates’ menu.

Post several months of planning and designing this menu, co-founder Ankit Gupta says, “Inspired by the varied geographies, bustling markets, diverse cultures, and our family heritage in Burma; this is our contemporary take on some of the most noteworthy Burmese flavours that we have tasted over the years. With this new menu, we intend to showcase the new emerging Burma and its evolving food. My head chef and I do feel all our hard work has come alive with launching this menu.”

Head Chef Ansab Khan who conceptualised this menu post his trip to Australia says, “It was such an enriching experience to meet these incredible chefs whose passion and diverse approach towards cooking truly inspired me! What struck me the most was this simple appreciation of ingredients and the ingredient-focused approach they all had in common. Since I have been back, I wanted to combine this approach to my learnings of Burmese cuisine and bring out a menu that celebrated Burmese food.”

Steamed rice paper parcels at burma burma.
Steamed Rice Paper Parcels at Burma Burma.

Some of Chef Khan’s interesting food concepts have taken shape into dishes such as the Spiced Jack Meat Balls, Pyajo Curry, Taro Shells with Spiced Black Beans, Banana Flower Croquettes, Shiitake Autumn Crunchy Roll, and Steamed Rice Paper Parcels. He swears by the Broccolini and Nokeh dish which combines two quintessential Burmese ingredients and served with Mala sauce. This dish is a novel initiative to bring Nokeh, a rarely found indigenous cheese variety from Burma, to Indian plates.

The Spiced Jack Meat Balls, packed with five different spices, light soy, and served with lemongrass oil, aged radish, and preserved pickled chilli sauce, are a gluten-free and vegan option. Chef Khan’s Pyajo Curry — crunchy lentil fritters served with a spicy yogurt curry — celebrates textures. He has also nailed the visual aspect of cooking by plating these dishes to perfection and making them more appetising.

Burma burma pyajo kari reszed
Chef Ansab Khan’s Pyajo Curry is one of the highlights of Burma Burma’s ‘Small Plates’ menu.

The Small Plates menu is now available across all of Burma Burma’s outlets in Mumbai, Noida, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Gurugram for a limited period of time.

Co-founder Gupta’s ancestral roots from Myanmar and his experience in his family’s hotel business backed by the other co-founder Chirag, an avid traveller and food enthusiast, have paved the way for Burma Burma’s success over the years. They also firmly believe that their success stems from the closeness that Burmese flavours and the Indian palate share. The arrival of the Small Plates menu bolsters their belief.

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