BTS of making a five-star bed

On the occasion of International Housekeeping Week, we delve into what goes into making that oh-so-comfortable bed in a luxury hotel.
Sofitel mumbai bkc
Image: Courtesy Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

One of the best parts of a luxury hotel stay is the amazing sleep quality that their beds offer. But what exactly goes into making a bed truly five star? We got Shilpa Kosambia, Director of Housekeeping at Sofitel Mumbai BKC, to divulge some trade secrets…

Shilpa kosambia, director of housekeeping at sofitel mumbai bkc
Image: Courtesy Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

What are the various components of a proper bed?

Every hotel has their respective standards for bed and beddings. At Sofitel Mumbai BKC, we look into the manufacturing, quality and guaranteed comfort with a known brand, excellent absorption of all movement and a bed that respects the health and well-being of our guests. That’s why, we have the Sofitel’s trademark MyBedTM — an all-feather bed combined with an extra-light down duvet, invites guests to sink in for a restful sleep. In France, treating the bedroom as a sanctuary dates back to the 17th century.

In fact, King Louis XIV had over 413 sumptuous bedchambers throughout his many palaces, which he visited several times a day to sleep, dine in privately or take meetings with ambassadors. Sofitel carries on the French tradition of luxurious sleep and sumptuous surroundings by paying thoughtful attention to every detail of the sleep experience, starting with the innovative, exceptionally comfortable Sofitel MyBedTM that is appointed in every guest room. Beautifully designed to lull you to sleep, it features a plush, ultra-soft top surface and unique construction that delivers deep support, gently absorbing the guest’s movement throughout the night. Exclusively designed for Sofitel, our Sofitel MyBedTM mattress features reinforced edges that maximise the sleep surface, so that guests can stretch out and relax.

Please share the process of making the perfect five-star hotel bed for our readers.

At Sofitel Mumbai BKC, we believe that a luxurious sleep is your ticket to greeting the world with joy. Our exceptionally crafted hotel beds are more than just a place to sleep — they are the guest’s own private sanctuary. The bed at the hotel is made with passion and perfection. Each Housekeeping Ambassador is trained to make a bed that reflects Sofitel’s excellence that invites guests to sink in for a restful sleep. The usual process to make a bed would be as follows:

  • Raise or pull out the bed
  • Unfold mattress protector
  • Unfold the under sheet
  • Make hospital corners and tuck – with the left arm, the ambassador raises the sheet to a vertical position and then places the right arm under the sheet, against the mattress. Again, with the left arm, the ambassador tucks it in, pulling firmly to create a perfectly square corner, while removing the other arm
  • Unfold the duvet covers
  • Slide duvet in the cover
  • Tuck in the duvet at the foot of the bed
  • Make hospital corners and tuck
  • Place pillowcases on the four pillows and position them
  • Check the details and position from all three sides
Sofitel mumbai bkc
Image: Courtesy Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

Are there different ways of folding the corners? Please describe and tell us which is the most effective.

As a five-star luxury hotel, the standard is to have a mitre fold or the usual hospital corner and tuck is made. This is mainly done to keep the bed corners intact and make the bed look neat.

Can you offer some insider tips for a five-star sleep experience such as fragrances, pillows, etc.

At Sofitel Mumbai BKC, we have the ‘MyBedTM Experience Sleep Menu’ that features a wide range of luxurious amenities, carefully curated to enhance the guest’s sleep and offer a personalised experience. This could also sometimes include spa products, room mist with the Sofitel signature scent, hot bubble baths, calming teas and a customised pillow menu offering pillows with different consistencies in touch and feel, such as pillows with duck feathers, goose down, polyester, etc. Our guests are free to choose any special pillow for their comfort.

How does the housekeeping department handle things like stains, odours, dust mites, etc?

Sofitel’s trademark MyBedTM is made from the association of various materials that make it anti-dust mites and anti-allergic. The mattress topper, mattress and pillows are designed to repel dust mites. Of course, the expertise of a room attendant also goes a long way in ensuring that things like stains, odours and dust mites are kept away from bed and pillows for a guest’s safe and sound sleep.

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