Belvedere launches ‘Made With Nature’

Belvedere has launched its new global platform ‘Made With Nature’ in India. The platform will emphasise on Belvedere’s firm roots in nature, both in terms of how the vodka is crafted and the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Belvedere vodka made with nature

At the heart of the campaign lies Belvedere’s philosophy to be natural and simple. Rodney Williams, CEO, Belvedere Vodka, said: “Many people do not realise that what sets Belvedere apart from other super-premium vodka competitors is that we are regulated by a strict Polish appellation. In fact, Poland was the first country to appellate vodka that way France or Italy appellate wines. This dictates nothing can be added to our vodka. The second element is that Belvedere exclusively uses the ancient grain of rye, which imparts richer flavour naturally. This is key as more people are consciously considering how products are made, what they are putting in their bodies and what the brands are doing for the world. They are looking to discover new and different yet natural taste profiles. That’s what we are striving to deliver with ‘Made With Nature’.”

Belvedere distillery committed to sustainability
The Belvedere distillery is set to produce 100 per cent renewable energy by the end of 2022.

In keeping with its commitment to sustainability, the brand also released a set of goals under green energy, organic product and sustainable packaging. Belvedere has received a grant from the European Commission to set up a biomass capture facility at its distillery. This will further reduce CO2 emissions and produce energy to support the distillery as well as neighbouring businesses that still rely on fossil fuels. The distillery is set to produce 100 per cent renewable energy by the end of 2022. The brand has also received certification to produce organic products and has begun to transition to organic farming, and aims to stop using pesticides within the next decade. As for sustainable packaging, Belvedere monitors its entire supply chain to ensure functions in accordance with a green code of conduct, and aims to reduce plastic by 50 per cent by 2025.  

Alice farquhar, global brand education and training manager, belvedere vodka
Alice Farquhar, Global Brand Education and Training Manager, Belvedere Vodka

To get more clarity on the new campaign, we caught up with Alice Farquhar, Global Brand Education and Training Manager, Belvedere Vodka.

TD: Tell us about the ‘Made with Nature’ campaign and how it fits in with global trends of a shift to healthier and sustainable consumption?

AF: For us, it was a natural story to tell and over the past six or so years we have heavily focused on our natural credentials when educating amongst trade and consumers. But we realised we had an opportunity to really showcase what that meant through ‘Made With Nature’. Not only does it showcase the literal description of our spirit made with Polish rye, purified water and distilled by fire, all recognisable and key elements in nature, but also that our commitment to sustainability and CSR is driven well beyond the bottle into our commitment to be one of the greenest distilleries in the world, and the commitment to the land we share and cultivate to create our product and preservation of energy via projects such as our new biomass plant at our distillery. When it comes to drinks, our cocktails enable the consumer to be more mindful when choosing and therefore, in turn, leads to a more conscious consumption mindset supported by all elements of the campaign.

TD: How do you view cocktail culture today? Could you elaborate on some current trends and what kind of a role is Belvedere assuming in this context?

AF: I think the cocktail culture is thriving today, you see it on social, we have seen it more at home and in the hands of the consumer than ever before and the support for the hospitality industry from the consumers has been noticeable through the pandemic. The trends I am seeing are a return to basic, classic cocktails and an importance on the source of ingredients and sustainability. Gone are the days of 17 ingredient cocktails using things you have never heard of or artificially created additives. There is a mutual support for local suppliers for ingredients, an acknowledgement of the sustainability messaging with bars removing single use plastic as a basic, trying to use all elements of an ingredient, a trend really pioneered by Belvedere Collective member and global superstar, Ryan Chetiyarwardana. We have been working in these parameters and on the evolution of these trends with partners like Ryan for years, so we are pleased to see it becoming common place globally in the industry.

TD: You’ve had a lot of experience training mixologists. What kind of a role does a mixologist play when it comes to evolution of cocktail culture?

AF: Mixologists are the artists of the industry. We provide them with a canvas, a spectacular base ingredient of elegance and structure in Belvedere Vodka, to build complex and interesting flavour profiles off when creating drinks. They are truly the gatekeepers and creators bringing an elevated experience to the consumer, something delicious, something memorable. Some of the creations I have seen are nothing short of exquisite and have become modern classics, so I am excited to see what comes in the future!

TD: With respect to India, how do you see the spirits market currently? What is Belvedere’s approach to the domestic space?

AF: India is the largest whisky market in the world, however, it’s opening for other spirits too. The super premium vodka category specifically has been growing consistently for the last five years and is predicted to grow even faster in the future. We see a value over volume trend, with consumers looking for more sophisticated ways of consumption and more premium products. On top of that, India is the fifth largest market for organic food, with a strong farm to table movement on the rise and sustainability is becoming more and more important. Belvedere consumers in India are growing and definitely, it will be a strategic market in forthcoming years.

TD: Tell us about the ‘Made With Nature’ vodka and recommend a cocktail to best enjoy the vodka.

AF: The three distinctions are Polish Rye, purified water, distilled with fire. All the natural elements that create our vodka. We are 100% natural, additive and sugar free, non-GMO and full of complex character and taste.

The Belvedere Air

Belvedere air sustainable cocktail


  • 45ml Belvedere Vodka
  • 20ml fresh lemon juice
  • 15ml honey water (2:1 Honey to Water)
  • 60ml almond milk
  • Sprig of Mint


Place all ingredients into a shaker and shake hard with ice.

Strain into highball glass over fresh ice, and garnish with mint sprig.

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