3 innovative ways to drink the classic Negroni at Westin Goa

Westin Goa’s Director of Beverages, Rohan Rege, shows us three ways in which you can drink your Negroni.

Thyme & Ash, Westin Goa’s sophisticated world restaurant, is also home to an equally trendy bar where Director of Beverages Rohan Rege and his team create magic potions or cocktails using interesting spirits, fresh ingredients, and oodles of creativity.

The Negroni Week Special

So, for TravelDine’s Negroni Special, we asked Rohan to take us through his two-barrel matured Negronis and drum up an innovative Negroni.

Why is Negroni barrel aged?

Mixologists and bartenders are ageing cocktails to add complexity and layers to the drink. Ageing helps to better infuse the cocktail with the ingredients or botanicals added and mellow it down, for a smoother mouth feel.

Bartenders across several of India’s superlative bars have been ageing Negronis for a while, including Copitas at Four Season’s Bengaluru and Sette Mara at St Regis in Mumbai, which, besides serving barrel-aged Negronis, also serves one that is aged in claypot. A few weeks ago, Pass Code Only (PCO) in New Delhi put barrel-aged Negronis on their menu.

Westin Goa’s barrel-aged Negronis

Thyme & Ash’s Classic Negroni is aged in a barrel for 60 days — a process that helps mellow down the cocktail and infuses it with a woody edge.

Drummer Negroni, again aged for 60 days, has a hint of cognac, which imparts a sweet note to it.

Rohan Rege’s recipe for Desi Clear Negroni

Besides these barrel aged Negronis, Rohan’s recipe for Desi Clear Negroni (which you can watch in the video), has cardamom as the core ingredient. When muddled with Strangers and Sons gin, it richly layers the botanicals in the gin for an intense Desi Clear Negroni. Just like the way we love our cocktails — spicy, with that piquant intensity.


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