Ardor 2.1 is the first Indian restaurant to accept cryptocurrency

You can pay for Ardor 2.1’s Digital Thali with cryptocurrency. Of course, if you’re low on Bitcoin, you won’t have to go hungry—you can pay the normal way too
Digital thali at ardor 2. 1
The Digital Thali at Ardor 2.1 in Delhi has a quirky presentation

It was a move calculated to catch everyone’s attention and it sure got ours. Ardor 2.1, a restaurant in Connaught Place, New Delhi, has become the first in the country to accept cryptocurrency as payment. 

You might be paying with cryptocurrency, but there’s nothing secretive about the delicious menu. The multi-cuisine a la carte menu has something for everyone but it’s the thalis that seem to grab eyeballs.  

The restaurant has a penchant for riding trends. Owner Suvveet Kalra says, “We are famous all over because of our variety and innovations in thalis from the Chappan Inch Thali (56-inch Thali), Bahubali Thali, United India thali, Vedic thali and now the recently added crypto thali also called the Digital Thali which can easily be bought through Bitcoins or via your cryptocurrency.” If you pay with cryptocurrency, there’s even a 20 percent discount on the Rs 1,999 price tag (for the veg thali; it’s Rs 2,099 for the non-veg version). It’s a 10 percent discount if you pay via Paytm or credit cards. 

The Digital Thali is presented in a unique way. Even the dishes in the Digital Thali carry on the crypto theme, from polygon pita to solana chana bhatura, ethereum chicken, doge fried rice, cardano lehsuni kheer, digital dollar papad, digital euro mint sauce and bitcoin tikkas. If you are crypto obsessed you’ll love every bite of the Digital Thali.   

All cryptocurrencies are based on immutable and traceable ledgers. At Ardor 2.1, your thali will be named after you once you place the order.  

Meghha and suvveet kalra of ardor 2. 1
Meghha and Suvveet Kalra of Ardor 2.1

Clearing some of the confusion surrounding cryptocurrencies, Kalra explained the payment process in detail: “With everything becoming digitalised, Ardor 2.1 didn’t want to stay behind and so we came up with the Digital Thali that can be accessed through one’s cryptocurrency. If someone has crypto in their mobile phone they will easily have hot wallets or maybe keys to cold wallets. The idea is, if somebody is coming and he/she has hot wallets, they may have an account in an exchange or some other web-hosted wallet. They can easily buy the Digital Thali. We accept the basic coins and based on that  give the respective QR Code. The customer scans the code and enters the amount as agreed on that particular day depending upon the volatile crypto. So, the customers depending upon the price prevailing of that crypto blockchain on that day pay accordingly. It’s a very simple process to access from your mobile to our QR code and the amount is paid.”

Considering the legality of crypto payments in India, Kalra further added, “Crypto is taken as a taboo but slowly people have started using it. Crypto is volatile so it;s also an experiment for us to see if it works. As per the Constitution & the Supreme Court judgment, we are allowed to engage in any trade until it gets banned or goes against laws.”

Looks like the best time to enjoy the Digital Thali is now. Can you pass some more of the Bitcoin tikka, please? 

+91-9811766888, N-55/56 & 88/89, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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