6 simple ways to plan a perfectly cosy hygge holiday

Bid adieu to winter blues by planning a warm and snug hygge holiday this Christmas season.

If there’s one word that delivers calm, comfort, and warmth to your heart on an instant, it’s hygge. Pronounced ‘hoo-guh’, the Danish lifestyle philosophy is all about creating a space of contentment, and making each day more meaningful and cosy. From lighting up scented candles, and putting on fuzziest socks to surrounding yourself with closest friends and family, and trying the best mulled wine recipes, the pursuit of happiness simply begins at home. Going on a hygge-themed holiday, however, further takes it up a few notches. Sit back, relax, and let us guide you on how to plan a heartwarming hygge holiday.

Rent a cosy cabin in the woods

Hygge holiday
A cabin in the woods is always a great holiday idea. Image: Shutterstock/Mumemories.

The first, and probably the most important, element of a hygge-inspired lifestyle is finding yourself a calm and cosy space where you can unwind and discover new experiences at your own pace. Do not count on swanky hotels in big urban locales to offer you the same. Instead, rent out a private cabin (with a mandatory fireplace!) in the woods a little far off from the mundane city life. Or better yet, take a camping or campervanning trip in the hills — add luxuries to it according to your taste — and gift yourself a chance to explore the great outdoors in true sense 

Immerse yourself in ‘hyggekrog

Hmelevskaya jenya
Pick a window seat at a café and be lost in your choice of books. Image: Shutterstock/Hmelevskaya Jenya.

Imagine you step out of your cabin, and find yourself a snug corner in a nearby café where you curl up with a book and some hot chocolate. It starts snowing outside, and you spend hours in your own fair company, while little snow flakes fall on the window shield next to you. Dreamy, right? The Danish prefer to call it ‘hyggerkrog‘! Simply put, it’s all about finding a space that offers you warmth and calm, while you make time for a reading marathon.

Slow travel is the key

Hygge holiday
Disconnect with the world to travel and connect with yourself. Image: Shutterstock/Melinda Nagy.

It’s vital that you disconnect from the fast-paced digital world, mute those notifications, and take it slow while you’re on your hygge holiday. Indulge mindfully in the newer, calmer experiences that surround you — wake up early to see dawn break before your eyes, brew yourself some chamomile tea, relish indigenous dishes made fresh in local kitchens, or trek up a hill and do some meditation at the top. The idea is to get away from the screen and soak in the real-life views or experience the world minus the constant digital presence.

Warm, fuzzy clothes for the win

Hygge holiday
Nothing like wearing warm fuzzy clothes during winter. Image: Shutterstock/Alena Ozerova.

Forget about those funky sneakers or the latest expensive resortwear collection you’ve been eyeing. Hygge means comfort, and only a pair of warm, fuzzy pajamas can bring that to you. Pack your favourite sweatpants, a few hyggebuskers or those super-comfy and cute woolly socks you can’t imagine your winters without. If space permits, take along your regular blanket as well. Nothing like sleeping in your own snuggly comforter on dead cold nights while travelling, we tell you!

Time for long baths and mulled wines

Hygge holiday
Some delicious and aromatic mulled wine, anyone? Image: Canva Pro.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a long bubble bath, scented candles, aromatic bath bombs and creamy body butters, and of course, a glass of your favourite wine. Except, make it better by ordering yourself some fragrant mulled wine, giving your evening a boozy edge. True, eggnog screams holiday season, but it isn’t a hygge Christmas until you sip on pipping hot glogg, or Scandinavian mulled wine.

Try journaling your experiences

Hygge holiday
Make your vacation more meaningful with a personal journal. Image: Canva Pro.

There’s no better time to start penning down your thoughts than during your free time on a hygge vacation. As you sip on your hot cuppa or night cap in room, grab a journal and start writing about the day’s experiences. It does not just lets you connect with your inner self better but also makes your break more meaningful.

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