8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer

Raw, ripe or juiced, mango makes for a delicious addition to any drink. Try your hand at these 8 delectable cocktail recipes right within the comfort and safety of home.

Possibly one of the few positives of India’s scorching summers is its seasonal produce. As temperatures rise, one of the country’s, if not the world’s favourite fruits is in season—mango.

Now, of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to mangoes, whether it be in variety or how it’s consumed. Additionally, it’s not just the ripe fruit that makes for a delicious treat. Raw mango is also super popular and in many a case, the hero ingredient.

Summer is, of course, the best time to indulge in some delicious, chilled cocktails; add mango to the mix for an even headier experience.

Here are 8 mango cocktail recipes to enjoy at home.


By Monkey Bar

Mangaa monkey bar
8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 9


  • 60ml vodka
  • 90ml freshly squeezed sweet lime juice
  • 45ml raw mango squash
  • 1 raw mango slice, to garnish
  • 1 cup cubed ice


Add the vodka, sweet lime juice and raw mango squash into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.

Shake well and pour into a nutella jar or glass of your choice.

Garnish with a slice of raw mango.

Mango Chilli Margarita

By Rahul Raghav, Beverage Manager at The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro

Mango chilli margarita
8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 10


  • 60ml tequila
  • 45ml mango puree 
  • 10ml pickle juice (or jalapeño water) 
  • 2 slices of Bhavnagri chilli (muddle) 
  • Pinch of citric acid and ginger powder


Muddle the chillies in the shaker.

Put the rest of the ingredients in.

Shake and strain into a margarita glass rimmed with salt.

Smoked Mango

By Shreyansh Patel, Assistant Beverage Manager, Perch

Smoked mango
8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 11


  • 60ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • 45ml fresh mango pulp
  • 30ml smoked jalapeno juice
  • 20ml home-made spiced syrup
  • 20ml fresh lime juice
  • 8-10 mint leaves
  • Crushed Ice
  • Mango slice, jalapenos and mint leaves for garnish


Smoked jalapeno juice

Take about 7-8 jalapeno.

Slightly roast them over fire on your stove.

Let it cool down.

Once it has cooled down, with a paper napkin, gently wipe off the black charred skin.

Juice it and voila!

Home-made spiced syrup

Take 100gm sugar and 200ml water.

Add 3-4 pieces of star anise and 5-6 pieces of cloves.

Add 1 bark of cinnamon and 3-4 pods and seeds of green cardamom.

Bring to a boil and then let it simmer until sugar is dissolved.

Let it cool down.

Strain the spices.

Store in a jar.

Smoked Mango

Add all the ingredients in a shaker.

Add ice and shake.

Double strain in a glass.

Add crushed ice and garnish.


By Hitchki

8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 12


  • 60ml vodka
  • 20gm aam papad
  • 30ml aam panna
  • 15ml sweet and sour mix
  • 90ml mango juice
  • 1 pinch red chilli powder


Pour ice in shaker and pour mango juice.

Shake all ingredients apart from aam papad and pour over mango juice.

Garnish with aam papad.

Mango Chilli Rum Punch

By Bayroute

Mango chilli rum punch
8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 13


  • 60ml dark rum
  • 2 scoops mango chilli sorbet
  • 10ml Agave nectar
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 green chilli chopped


Pour ice in shaker and shake all ingredients along with only 1 scoop Sorbet.

Pour over glass and drop remaining scoop in glass.

Garnish with chopped green chilli and serve.

Virgin Mango Mojito

By Soba

Virgin mango mojito
8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 14


  • 100 gm mango pulp
  • 6-7 mint leaves
  • 30ml sugar syrup
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 1 pinch black salt
  • 150-180ml soda


To make the mango pulp, cut the mango into pieces and add it to a blender along with some water. The consistency should be like a smoothie, nice and thick.

Take a glass or a cocktail shaker, add the mint leaves along with the sugar syrup and muddle 4-5 times.

Throw in some ice and add the mango pulp. Add the lemon juice, soda and a pinch of black salt. Give it a good stir and pour into a glass and serve.

For garnish you can add a lemon wedge along with mint leaves.

Mango Mint Smash

By Dushyant Tanwar, Mixologist & Brand Manager, Monika Enterprises

Mango mint smash
8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 15


  • 45ml Russian Standard Vodka
  • 2 sprigs of mint
  • 15ml lime juice
  • 15ml simple syrup
  • 1/4 of a mango
  • 45ml orange juice
  • 45ml Sprite


Muddle mango, 5-6 mint leaves, simple syrup, and lime juice at the bottom of a highball glass.

Fill the glass to the top with ice.

Add Russian Standard Vodka and orange juice.

Stir to mix it all.

Top up with sprite and garnish with lime and mint.

Belvedere Mango Passion

By Moët Hennessy India

Mango passion
8 mango cocktails to celebrate summer 16


  • 40ml Belvedere Vodka
  • 15ml honey
  • 20ml fresh lemon juice
  • 60ml fresh mango juice
  • 90ml soda water
  • Mango ball
  • Mint sprig


Shake all ingredients and strain into a rocks glass.

Garnish with a mango ball and mint sprig.

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