5 best teas to start your mornings with a boost

A lot can happen over a warm cup of tea chosen carefully for your morning routine. Pick your favourite from this edit of five best teas that pack a punch in every sip.

If you look at it closely, our morning routines are the most sacred ones. Every detail about it is well thought out and for the most part, adds to the quality of the rest of the day. Then comes the crucial selection of the morning drink that decidedly sets the tone in balancing our gut health, energy levels and the overall mood. And if you are any close to being a pro-tea supporter over other forms of caffeine, then you’re in luck because we have just the right five best teas that you can pour in your cup to start the day on a healthier and revived note. 

Oolong tea 

Best teas in the morning. Oolong tea by celeste. Image: celeste.
Oolong tea by CelesTe. Image: CelesTe.

A cup of oolong tea every morning can go a long way in boosting your everyday health goals. The fun fact is that oolong, a traditional tea savoured popularly in China and Taiwan, comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant that is also a major source of black and green tea varieties. Sipping on oolong’s caffeine content in the morning can boost your mental awareness and give a strong kickstart to your activities for the day. One of the best teas, oolong actively works on improving dental hygiene and overall bone density alongside balancing blood sugar levels. What’s more is that oolong tea is widely loved for its skin-friendly properties too, fighting free radicals and being an anti-ageing ingredient. 

Ginger tea 

Best teas in the morning. Ginger tea by sublime house of tea.
Ginger tea by Sublime House of Tea. Image: Sublime House of Tea.

The most tried and tested remedy for super chilly mornings at many Indian homes has always been the kadak adrak ki chai, also known as the quintessential ginger tea. But cold is not all that ginger tea combats. One of the best teas to drink in the morning, it eases down morning nausea, improves digestion and re-boosts the immune system, preparing the body and mind to work at its best for the whole day. 


Best teas in the morning. A set of kombucha by fresh pressery. Image: fresh pressery.
A set of kombucha by Fresh Pressery. Image: Fresh Pressery.

Although kombucha has garnered an ever-rising popularity in the last decade or so, the drink itself is not a modern discovery and dates back to centuries ago. Kombucha tea is a fermented, slightly carbonated drink known as a perfect gut healer with its probiotic-rich composition that works wonders as part of a morning diet. Also rich in antioxidants, the most commonly available kombuchas are brewed with black, white and oolong tea along with sugar and a culture of bacteria and yeast that finally lends it a sweet-sour flavour profile. Instead of sipping kombucha on an empty stomach, it is better paired with light nibble-worthy breakfast. 

Tulsi tea 

Tulsi white tea by san-cha tea boutique. Image: san-cha tea boutique.
Tulsi White Tea by San-Cha Tea Boutique. Image: San-Cha Tea Boutique.

Also known as holy basil, tulsi is considered as one of the ultimate herbs in India and ayurveda. It undoubtedly makes for one of the best teas to drink in the morning and when taken regularly, tulsi tea can significantly aid in improving your digestion and detoxify the system. One such herb that is easily available around and at home, too, befriending tulsi in your morning tea routine can boost your immunity, while also help in reducing stress, make you feel refreshed and lower blood sugar levels over a period of time. 

Matcha tea 

Japanese matcha green tea by chado. Image: chado.
Japanese Matcha Green Tea by Chado. Image: Chado.

The act of preparing matcha tea in the ancient times was seen as a rather ritualistic process dating back all the way to the eight century China during the time of Tang Dynasty. One of the best teas, matcha has always been the powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits that make it as good a choice for your morning tea cuppa as any other herbal tea. An impressive source of vitamin C and K, zinc and magnesium, matcha is also known to enhance metabolism and help in burning fat when taken regularly. 

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