3 refreshingly easy rum cocktails are bound to have you go Taki Taki

Taki Taki’s head mixologist Sachin Tushamad whips up cocktails to celebrate World Rum Day 2022.

Taking place on the second Saturday of July, World Rum Day is the annual global celebration of rum and distilleries. And this year, Mumbaikars can mark the occasion with three amazing cocktails up for grab at Taki Taki.

Concocted by Sachin Tushamad, the head mixologist at Taki Taki, these cocktails are available just for the day — so hurry and sample them.

World Rum Day was initially launched in 2019 by Paul Jackson, spirits writer and editor of World Rum Guide. The day has come to be the focal point of the wonderful series of occasions at the start of July, all centered around alcohol of course. There are a couple of other interesting events to look forward to, including World Tequila Day, National Mojito Day, National Piña Colada Day, and National Daiquiri Day.

While there, you can also enjoy Taki Taki’s fare of authentic Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine. Located at Lodha World Crest building, the high-end restaurant and bar features delectable food made from the finest, premium-quality ingredients, a well-stocked bar, and stylish, sleek design elements inspired by the Far East.

Currently, the establishment also has the Sushi and Cocktail menu going, which features a range of varied cocktails and small course pairings.

Coming back to the rum day cocktails, Sachin says it took him a whole 15 days to conceptualise and create these cocktails. All as simple as shaking and serving over ice, these cocktails use local produce and a myriad of citrus flavours to create the ultimate concoctions.


Painappuru - a rum cocktail served at taki taki.
Painappuru – A rum cocktail served at Taki Taki. Photograph: Yash Shinde.


  • 60 ml rum Anejo
  • 40 ml coconut puree
  • 50 ml fresh coconut water
  • 60 ml fresh pineapple
  • 10 ml fresh lime juice

Berry Mojito

Shake and serve taki taki's rum cocktails in the comfort of your own home.
Shake and serve Taki Taki’s rum cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Photograph: Yash Shinde


  • 60 ml rum Anejo
  • 6-8 fresh blueberries
  • A handful of fresh mint
  • 20 ml fresh lime juice
  • 20 ml sugar syrup
  • Soda water to top-up

Bat Sour

Bat sour as served at taki taki for world rum day only!
Bat Sour as served at Taki Taki for World Rum Day only! Photograph: Yash Shinde


  • 60 ml rum Anejo
  • 20 ml fresh lime juice
  • 40 ml honey water
  • 1 egg white
  • 3 dashes of homemade spice bitters

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