TD Conversations: Vishal Anand, Founder, Moonshine Food Ventures, on #StraightFromRestaurants

Vishal Anand lends his credence to the #StraightFromRestaurants campaign, highlighting why both the restaurateur and the diner will benefit from direct ordering.

Vishal Anand is an entrepreneur with diverse business interests. He is the founder of Moonshine Food Ventures which owns brands such as Saint N Sinners, Saga, Glasshouse and Café Staywoke in Delhi-NCR. He is also the franchise partner for Farzi Café, Aerocity Delhi and Papaya, Gurgaon.

He talks to us about the growing home delivery segment and why it is important for restaurants to deliver directly.  

TD: Home deliveries have become a mainstay for most restaurants at the moment. What sort of role is home delivery playing in shoring up restaurants and helping them cope with pandemic-induced disruptions?

VA: We are not essentially a delivery-centric restaurant. We are purely dine-in but delivery as an aspect was added during the pandemic. During the lockdown we saw an increase in delivery but once the restaurants reopened, delivery has taken a backseat. But delivery is an aspect that is here to stay in the long-term. Consumer preferences are changing, and people are ordering more and more. The market is poised to grow further.

Vishal anand moonshine ventures
Td conversations: vishal anand, founder, moonshine food ventures, on #straightfromrestaurants 2

TD: There have been continuing conversations about the need to order directly from restaurants. What are the conflicts that restaurateurs have dealt with delivery platforms?

VA: I have been one of the first ones to be part of an order direct campaign. We have always encouraged our customers to order directly. Earlier we didn’t have aggregators and people were used to ordering directly. Home delivery was always happening.

The challenges that we face with the aggregators is that apart from the higher commission, they don’t share the database. That is the most important aspect of any business. We should own our customers and not the aggregators. So that’s why we haven’t signed up with any of the aggregators. We are using another platform that helps us with delivery, but the client base is totally ours.

TD: Why is it important for customers to order Straight from Restaurants? What does it mean for their bottomlines and survival?

VA: Definitely the higher commission that the delivery aggregators are charging is not viable. Second, we need to own our customers. We need to understand their preferences. We need to be accountable for what we are delivering. When you order through an aggregator, the communication is not between the restauranteur and the guest, it is between the aggregator and the guests. The aggregator will not know each and every aspect of that restaurant’s menu. So, it is important for restaurants to own and be accountable for our own customers.

TD: TravelDine has launched a #SFR campaign. Could you say a few words to our readers and social media followers on this campaign?

VA: It’s a fantastic campaign to be taken up because as restaurateurs we have been focusing on this. There has also been a video on ordering directly and we have been promoting that as well. As restaurant owners we would like more and more people to order directly, and any campaign related to this would really help us.

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