Tipple Tales: Opulence meets inventiveness at Copitas

With signature mixology, sumptuous food, breath-taking sunsets, and a stunning view of the garden city, Copitas at the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has everything that a luxury bar can offer. And now it’s made it to the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Bars list.
The bar at copitas, four seasons hotel bengaluru.
The stylish bar at Copitas, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru.

The destination bar located on Level 21 at the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has quickly become an address for patrons seeking a chic vibe with glitz and glam in the garden city. The name Copitas denotes a cocktail glass used for serving sherry in Spain. While the bar design is by LW Design, the designer for the entire hotel is Yabu Pushelberg, and there’s a conscious effort to offer a distinctive look and feel to Copitas.

“Copitas is a place where relaxation and sophistication go hand in hand,” says Sarath Nair, Bar Manager. The bar has an intimate atmosphere with a sophisticated interior, making it a perfect evening-meeting place. To add to that, Nair and his team have curated a list of unusual cocktails with some innovative takes on the classics.

Copitas at the four seasons hotel bengaluru is all about the view.
Copitas at the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is all about the view.

His favourite cocktails, Nair says, “are Crazy Rich Negroni (an ambitious twist on the classic Negroni with a fragrant Asian flair from banana and pandan leaf), or my very own creation Ibiza, reminiscent of that lively Spanish island with exuberant notes of betel leaf, homemade saffron honey water, and lemon blending in with tequila.”

Nair’s journey with Copitas began in 2019, right before the hotel launched. He started his career as a corporate leadership trainee at Hyatt International Group, with a childhood dream of becoming a chef, graduating in food and beverage service in Goa. However, he soon discovered his true calling behind the bar. The turning point in his budding career as a mixologist came when he won the prestigious Diageo World Class Competition as one of the Top 20 Bartenders in 2016.

The talented sarath nair helms the bar programme at copitas.
The talented Sarath Nair helms the bar programme at Copitas.

“My childhood dream was to be a chef and travel the world,” says Nair, “but the wonderful alchemy of the beverage world enticed me. One bartending competition win was all it took to get me hooked. The glamour behind the bar was a big draw. I have never looked back since.”

As Bar Manager at Copitas, Nair has been instrumental in making this outlet a must-visit destination bar in the country. After winning some prestigious hospitality and bar awards, this high-energy bar seems to be on the right track. Recently, it bagged the No. 44 spot on the coveted Asia’s 50 Best Bars list.

Some signature cocktails at copitas: (left to right) ibiza; crazy rich negroni; and copa g&t no 1.
Some signature cocktails at Copitas: (left to right) Ibiza; Crazy Rich Negroni; and Copa G&T No 1.

The cocktails at Copitas shine the light on local ingredients and sustainability, while the spirits selection showcases a wide range of white spirits. Some popular ones are Copa G&T, the in-house version of the well-loved Gin & Tonic; exotic cocktails such as Regalo and Nair’s creation, Ibiza with a Spanish touch, and artisanal cocktails such as Mohan 88 with a local twist. The signature cocktail Copitas is a smooth and elegant libation with bourbon, apple juice, bitters, and cocoa nibs that add an edge, while Tepache is a probiotic refreshment that is sweet, sour, effervescent, and mildly boozy with a clever fermentation of pineapple skin, spices, and rum. It’s a Mexican favourite, carefully curated by Team Copitas.

A cosy sitting area at copitas bar, perfect for watching the sunset.
A cosy sitting area at Copitas bar, perfect for watching the sunset.

Nair believes that India’s cocktail scene is brimming with energy now. Forever a melting pot of ideas, there has been a recent coming of age in the beverage landscape. “The creative force from this ever-evolving scene has let me draw generously for my cocktail inspiration. At Copitas, a delectable drinks menu combined with the easy service style brings noticeable Four Seasons elements to the space.”

The magic of the cocktail lies in building a bridge between taste and memory. As Nair rightly states, “There’s loads to be said for the transportive power of a cocktail — that magical ability to whisk us off to the places we dream of.”

At Copitas, you might just be able to do that.

Copitas takes its cocktail programme very seriously, perhaps what helped it make it to the asia's 50 best bars list.
Copitas takes its cocktail programme very seriously, perhaps what helped it make it to the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list.

Copa G&Ts

These G&Ts at Copitas are a must-try:

  • No 1 – Thyme, picked from local gardens, compliments the herbal botanicals in the gin. Star anise sweetens and plays upon the bitter tonic flavours and infuses a heady fragrance.
  • No 2 – A tropical G&T with select botanicals combined with fresh coconut water and pineapple syrup. This can instantly teleport one to the beachside.
  • No 3 – A New World gin with key botanicals being cucumber and rose petals. Apple syrup, fresh homegrown basil, and tonic water create playful undertones.
  • No 4 – A gin crafted with papaya and rosemary. Summery tropical fruit meets chic European herb.
Rojita tiwari
Rojita Tiwari is the Founder of Drinks & Destinations, a wine & spirits consulting firm in India. She is an award-winning drinks writer, educator, trainer & consultant, and a juror at several international wine, spirits & cocktail competitions. She is a Senior Specialist at International Drinks Specialist, the UK, and co-founder of Agents Of Cheer & Story In A Bottle, India’s foremost curated drinks events. Her Instagram handle is @rojitatiwari.

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