Tick zipline dining experience off your bucket list with Flying Sauces

Soneva Fushi’s latest exhilarating zipline dining experience at Flying Sauces is also every bit the culinary adventure

Ziplining towards your food? The sustainable luxury resorts operator Soneva, is back with something exciting and unlike anything you may have encountered before. Soneva Fushi, the Maldives’ original barefoot luxury hideaway is all set to launch Flying Sauces, which is the world’s first fine dining zipline experience.

It’s the best of world-class gastronomy and adventure sports all at once. Destined to become a once-in-a-lifetime, ‘bucket list’ experience, Flying Sauces is set among the high treetops against Soneva Fushi’s magnificent vistas over the lush jungle and sparkling ocean beyond.

“At Soneva we are passionate about elevating the guest experience to something that is unique and rare, and our new Flying Sauces does just that – creating an experiential dining moment to create long term memories for our guests. This new experience gives our guests a new perspective of our unique island eco-system, allowing them to reconnect with the sights and sounds of nature while enjoying fine dining hospitality at the same time,” says Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and Co-Founder, Soneva.

It’s a 200 metre route on the zipline towards your dining experience, after being securely strapped into safety harnesses of course! Before reaching the elevated dining platform, diners enjoy an amuse bouche, refreshing shooters and other gastronomic surprises along the way. 

On arrival, Chef Rasal Jayawardene prepares a delectable seasonal menu in the open kitchen, high above the ground, paired with a selection of over 9,000 fine wines from Soneva Fushi’s extensive cellar. Chef Rasal is a long time Sonevian and has trained with some of the world’s best chefs (about 50 Michelin star chefs!) including Chef Benoit en Bernard Dewitt at his Michelin-starred restaurant near Ghent, Belgium.

At flying sauces, enjoy a six-course menu alongside a zipline dining experience.
At Flying Sauces, enjoy a six-course menu alongside a zipline dining experience.

For Flying Sauces, the chef has gone all out with an intricately curated six-course menu using the finest seasonal ingredients. From Hokkaido scallops carpaccio with crispy wild rice, celeriac two ways with a raisin salsa, to marinated prawns with avocado puree, it’s the best of comfort and all things indulgent gourmet. 

Adding to this delectable menu is the chorizo oil and rocket, baby leeks with brie cheese cream sauce and rosemary crumble, black cod with artichoke puree and teriyaki truffle sauce. Saving the very best for the end, a plant based cheesecake with mango salsa and mixed berry compote rounds up the thoroughly satisfying meal.

So what exactly does a zipline dining experience entail? The route begins from The Den, with guests gliding along the scenic route elevated up to 10 metres in the air and finishes at the elevated treetop table on the edge of the forest near Dolphin Beach. 

Operating during daylight hours, guests can choose from a selection of experiences, including breakfast, high tea, and dinner with optional wine pairing. Or for those simply chasing thrills, just the zipline is an option too!

The zipline dining route lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, with each additional dining experience lasting around one hour for breakfast and high tea, and between two and three hours for dinner. 

The experience is considered suitable for adults and children aged eight and above, with a minimum weight requirement of 25 kilos. Up to a maximum of 12 guests can join each Flying Sauces experience, divided into two groups of six diners, and only one guest is permitted to use the zipline at any time. 

The safety measures are strict here, with compulsory harnesses along all sections of the zipline dining route fitted and verified by a trained Soneva Host.

Founded in 1995, Soneva is a pioneer for responsible tourism, combining a conscientious, proactive approach to sustainability with exquisite luxury and intuitive personalised service. It’s a completely guilt-free indulgence at the resort, that’s been carbon neutral since 2012. A mandatory 2% environmental levy is added to every Soneva stay, with proceeds going towards the not-for-profit Soneva Foundation to offset both direct and indirect carbon emissions from resort activities and guest flights. 

A zipline dining experience that’s environmentally sound too? Sign us up! 

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